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spinal fusion and bursitis

I have just had my spine, L4, L5, S1 fused, 2 weeks ago for spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis (not to mention DJD, arthritis, etc.)  I injured myself catching my grandaughter in the pool, suffered with sciatica for a year.  Had PT, helped a lot, but did not solve.  Had no rides every week to do epidural, besides that is not a cure, just pain relief.  The PT suggested I might have spondylolisthesis when he noticed my vertibrae (S1) sticking out of my back about .5 in.  Anyhow, day of surg and next day were terrible.  Went home in 2 days, back at work (managment) in less than 2 weeks.  So far no sciatica type pain.  (initially it "shot out of my R big toe" every morning this is my only description.  But took narcotics for a year, finally decided, had to be FIXED.  Wonderful choice!  Orthopedic surgeon did an ALIF (essenially came from my belly).   But now I have possible bursitis in the hip on the same side of the sciatica but not the same as the incisions.  Dr's office says with this surg. sometimes bursitis develops.  Anybody understand how?  By the way, I was very scared about having this surg.(living alone didn't help) and I am not all healed and done yet, but so far it has been wonderful and I would encourage anyone to do this but look around go to different Dr.s; they have different techniques.
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If I'm not mistaken bursitis is fluid build up. I'm sure it's possible to have that post op. I did not have it with my ALIF but my surgeries were unsuccessful. I have herniated L-3 to S-1. Hopefully further down the road things will clear up for you and your bursitis will subside.
Best wishes!
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OMG!  There is a whole wide world of painful possibilities!
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Why was yours unsuccessful or what about it made it unsuccessful
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I have all the same symptoms I had before surgery and just as bad. I'm unable to work now. The only success was that the hardware and bone growth are where they are supposed to be. Living in chronic pain after a fusion isn't successful.
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No, i would say not!  The two days in the hosp. count as two of the worst days of my life.  Not only was i physically uncomfortable, but the nursing response was atrosious I was by myself, scared, etc.  Then after all that if I still had the pain, it would truly be miserable.  Do you know why you still have pain although the fusin "took"?
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Hi, can I just say...WOW!!! Back to work in less than two weeks with a two level fusion? I'm impressed!! I too had spondylolisthesis with DDD at l5/s1 which caused severe bilateral foraminal stenosis which resulted in significant bilateral root nerve compression. I did and tried everything holistic and western, to try to treat this. I finally had open back fusion surgery in feb of 2010. The pain after the surgery was unimaginable!! Words cannot describe the hell one is in after something like that. It took THREE months before I could even sit up by myself, roll over, get up from a laying down or sitting down position. I couldn't do a thing for myself. By the 9 month mark, things were better, and I was back to work, and have been fine ever since. This takes time to heal from, please don't expect to be free of everything immediately!! Greatest blessings to you! *hugs*
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I am impressed and hopeful by you being able to return to work in 2 weeks. In 3 weeks I am having  L3 to the sacrum (L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1) segmental fusion with instrumentation.  Bless you, I still can not get over you being able to return to work so quickly.
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