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spine surgeries with natural fusing of vertrebrae

Am 60 yrold woman who recently had 3rd cervical surgery (C5-6 posterior cervical fusion with instrumentation and T1-2 laminectomy and forminectomy (left). Prior to this past surgery my NS said that it appeared my entire spine was naturally fusing with the exception of C5-6 which failed to fuse after anterior cervical spine fusion back in 1999/2000. after that surgery NS wanted to go back in to stablize spine due to non-union but I opted for no surgery at that time. As time went on the burning at the base of my neck became so severe and arm pain weakness and hand feeling like a claw (couldnt write legibly nor could i turn pages in books or button shirts) I waited until just recently FEB 2016 to have this last surgery . I have not yet fused from this last surgery. Radiology report from April 2016 states that there is evidence of posterior C5-6 cervical fusion  with instrumentation and T1-2 laminectomy and forminectomy (left). Since 2/23/16 comparision xrays there has been laminectomy and posterior fusion procedure at C5-6 No evidence for loosening or mechanical failure . Previous fusion C6-7, some bony fusion at C5-6 compared to prior study. Severe / Advanced spondylitic and discogenic changes at C7-T1 with severe facet arthropathy and prominent disc space narrowing again. NS said he was going to fix failed fusion C5-6 and repair other spaces too thru T2 by putting rod and plates in spine but apparenly when he got in there he didnt feel C4-5 needed any work nor did C7-T1. Plates and a rod were put in this last time however.Prior to surgery in Feb I could not write my name legibly and there has been severe atrophy in both arms. Problems all began years ago when I was approx 25 I compained to my internist for over 7 years of neck shoulder arm pain and weakness but he said nothing wrong with me for over SEVEN YEARS  saying i had muscle spasms and giving me relaxers that entire time. To make longer story as short as poossible ended up in ER at local hospital one day as I thought I was having heart attack. Pain from back into chest area (severe). ER doc said I had herniated disc and to follow up with internist Monday. I did who again said nothing wrong with me muscle spasms only but did reluctantly refer me to NS. Saw NS who exam me and ordered MRI . I called NS prio to a weekend asking if I could seek treatment with chiropractor coz I could not feel my right arm. Felt as if it was not even attached to my body. Nurse said NO wait til I talked to NS on monday which I did who scheduked surgery for Wednesday. Large disc herniation with extensive cord compression C6-7 and impingement on thre C6 nerve  or C7 nerve root, Cant remember which nerve root. This surgery took place in 1989 fusion C6-7. All went well and fused but had tests verifying permanent nerve damage (sleeves did NOT FILL ??? and had EMG studies showing extreme delay in responses). Pain and severe hand weakness again arose and had second surgery C5-6 in 1999 which did not result in a soild fusion. NS wanted to redo fusion 1 year later when I did not fuse but I declined until no longer could stand pain in arm and severe burningh base of skull into upper back. That brings us up to most recent surgery in Feb 2016. My question is this:  what did NS mean when he said appears my entire spine naturally fusing. Had compression fractures times 2 in lumbar spine 7 years apart so NS ordered MRI with contrast dye revealing fusing of entire spine. I have psoratic arthritis as well and have been trying to figure out why I feel like S&%$ 100% of ther time  I realize I am 60 but I never felt I would feel like this at 100 yrs old. My feet, hips, hands, back neck are so painful and burn all of the time. My feet are bright red and have lost coordination in hands cannot type with two hands anymore just search and land. Worked for 26 yurs as aparalegal for prominent lawyer and was a zooming typist. Cant even work anymore. Had to file for disability which I have been receiving since 2008. What is wrong with me???? Any clues out there NS doest offer alot of information just bits and pieces. Will I need further surgeries help pretty please anyone. Peace Linda PS SORRY FOR THE TYPING ERRORS.
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i am experiencing the same kind of excruciating pain, all down my right side, I have torn lower lumbar disks, fibromyalgia, and need a multi cervical disk replacement from C4-7 and NO WAY will i allow anyone to FUSE all that. I am desperate to find a specialist who can do this many artificial replacement disks. It is very hard to find; I have SSI disability and can have my ins give pre authorization, because I am losing my feeling in my arms and I'm tingly and numb all the way to my fingers and toes, usually it's only the right side; today it was on both after my walk and i have a feeling this is getting worse. I need surgery ASAP. I have had 3 cancelled so far, do to the surgeon's trying to do the wrong surgery without my permission. I am not interested in that big of a fusion, unless i have NO OTHER CHOICE. I love yoga and walking and need to have all my movement. PLEASE HELP...buckeyebabe, goin nuts
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