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still in pain

Last month I was hurt pretty bad at work. I was crushed between two 1,800 pound racks. I was transported by ambulance. X rays were taken of my spine but showed no breaks. I did have cracked ribs. I just recently had an MRI done, and it shows minor disc degeneration, slight buldge in a couple of the discs. I've been told because of the mri results there is no reason I should be in pain. That is where my problem is. I have been in extreme pain 99% of the time since the accident. I have had a couple days that werent too bad. My thorasic and lumbar areas hurt tremendously, my spine hurts from just above the tailbone to t9 ( i believe that is the right one) the muscles hurt throught this area and my left leg has been asleep since the accident. My left leg has gone completely numb numerous times. during these times I experience excrutiating pain that has made me vomit. I am unable to put much weight on it and when I walk I have a severe limp and high level pain in my back. I am currently on anti depressants because this has caused me to have strong thoughts of suicide. Being told yet again there is no reason for me to be in  pain is pushing me to the breaking point. What could be causing me to hurt this bad? Someone please contact me as soon as possible. ***@****
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Hi,sorry to know that.

I think it's your doctor fault,"there is no reason I should be in pain",it's absolute wrong idea. Because soft tissue injuries can also lead to tremendously pain and legs numb which are same as disc injuries.

So,you should go to see reputable doctor for second opinion.
Good luck!

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I agree, fire you doctor and find one that will treat you. To not even send you to PT makes him incompentent.

Start shopping!!!!
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