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t-8 and t-9 problems

It's been 14 months and no improvement, well very little.  I was sleeping and woke-up paralyzed.  I felt pain from the middle of my back, just below my rib cage on my left side that burned through to the front of my stomach at the same level.  It felt like someone stabbed a hot poker completely through me from back to front.  Everything on my left side of my body, from the bottom of my rib cage to my tips of my toes was stiff, maybe cramped, numb, tingling, and hyper-sensitive.  I could barley hold myself up on both feet.  My right leg seemed to be fine except I couldn't feel anything hot.  I can turn the water on as hot as it will go and if I didn't feel the pressure, I wouldn't even know it was on.  I saw a doctor and the MRI's showed three compressed discs in the thoracic and a lesion in the area of the T-8 and T-9.  He wrote me a prescription for physical therapy and said that I will be back to normal in 2-3 months.  It isn't completely tight all the time these days, but the pain is the same 24/7, just like the day it happened and I can't run, stand for more then a few minutes at a time and everything in life seems to take way more effort, EVERYTHING.  Can anyone help?  What do I do from here?  I am not really liking the idea of spending the rest of my life not being to able to play ball with my boy or running after my new daughter.
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