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traction therapy sciatica + contradicting therapists

A couple of days ago was the first time I tried traction therapy for my sciatica . It may take a couple of sessions to feel the difference. Also there was a problem of the belt or harness connected to the machine sliding off , probably because Im not exactly slim.
Also this therapist contradicted what my previous therapist told me , which was Not to do any stretching exercises.
I have tried dry needling( acupuncture) in my thigh cause thats were most of the pain was.
I will be asking my Chemist about this Gamma-aminobutyric supplement as suggested by someone in the pain management forum here. I would like your feedback / opinion on my therapy.
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Hi Auto,

I've been searching for other posts you  may have made regarding the cause of your sciatica. I can't find any - please either direct me to the information or tell us what is causing your sciatica.

Sciatica as you know is a symptom and not a diagnosis. I have sciatica that is due to SI Joint Dysfunction. My spine is fine and not the source of the pain. I too have been told to avoid stretching to any great degree - but I have some light exercises that do help a bit. Knowing what your diagnosis is will help us offer suggestions.

I don't know who suggest Gamma-aminobutyric but it's something I wouldn't take. The information state it may work by blocking brain signals (neurotransmissions).

It also states there are there safety concerns. There isn't enough information available to even know if GABA is safe for use. So please do consult your pharmacist/chemist before ingestion.

I've tried acupuncture also. I think it was more of the relaxation it provided that eased some of my discomfort that the actual procedure(s). Now I do my own relaxation techniques. It's less costly and the results are the same.

I wish you well and will look forward to more information from you.

Take Care,
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GABA is an endogenous neurotransmitter -- we make it in our bodies. All neurotransmitters (there are about 10,000 types in the human nervous system) are made from basic proteins called amino acids.

Certain medications manipulate GABA levels in our bodies to induce relaxation and sleep. We call these medications benzodiazepenes. Some of the commonly known "benzos" are Valium and Xanax.

But there are new theories of nutritional medicine that involve taking amino acid supplements that help the body create more of the specific neurotransmitters that relieve pain, stress, muscle spasm, and other unpleasant sensations.

The following articles by noted pain specialist Forest Tennant, MD, DPh, explain how to add these amino acids to your diet and the medical aspects of this treatment option (for the more sophisticated reader.)



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ok , I copy straight off the x-ray report ---
-- L5 S1
Right sided posterolateral disc prolapse present . The disc is causing posterior displacement and compression of the right S1 nerve root near its origin from the thecal sac.
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Yes, that will cause sciatica.

I realize that you're not talking to me, but what's your point?

Tuck is still correct -- sciatica is a sign, not a diagnosis. The diagnosis is a herniated L5/S1 with foraminal stenosis.

If this pain is severe, you might benefit from decompression surgery. I rarely recommend surgery, but in your case, it may be both efficacious and necessary to prevent permanent damage to the nerve root.

Find a top doc orthopaedic surgeon. Experience counts. Find a doc that other docs would use if it were their leg, or their spouse's leg.
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