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upper back pain under shoulder blade

Going on my second week, i have been experiencing pain on my upper right side of my back, what seems to be under my shoulder blade.  It started out as my whole upper back, but now the left side is fine.  It hurts when i move, walk, breath in, and especially when i sneeze.  Today, it seems to be hurting a bit in my right side of my chest, just ubove my boob, but is not constant.  I thought maybe it was stress related so i had gone to a massage therapist this past thursday.  It helped some, but the pain is back in full swing again.  Ibuprohin helps somewhat, and a heating pad seems to make it worse.  Can anyone please tell me why and what this pain is.  Im hestitant on going to a doctor because i have no insurance.  Im hoping someone may be able to tell what this is what my be causing it, and what i can do on my own to make it go away.  I have a two year old son, that i have no choice in lifting him every day.
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