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Back surgery necessary for Disc protrusion and flattening nerve root?

I had an MRI, details follow. I have not met with a neurologist yet but my Primary has indicated back surgery will most likely be necessary. I am wondering - given the results, if it is possible to live with the symptoms: numb fingers and arm, wrist and shoulder pain, and avoid surgery. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

T2 hemangioma on thoracic spine, small T1 hemangioma as well.
Right T1 articular process hemangioma.

Mild, multilevel disc height loss and mild disc bulge without
cord compression.

Right neural foramina: Disc protrusion into the right C6/7 neural
foramen results in marked impression and flattening of the right
C7 nerve root and severe stenosis of this neural foramen.

Mild disc bulge is noted into the foramina from C3-C6.

Left neural foraminal stenosis:
C3/4 and C4/5: Mild.
C5/6 and C6/7: Moderate to severe.
C7/T1: No significant stenosis.

IMPRESSION: Bilateral neural foraminal stenosis as described above.
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Sorry, not enough information to answer your inquiry.  The decision to recommend surgery can only be made after a surgeon evaluates your physical exam and imaging.
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