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Bone Graft not healing?

60 yo male with Ankylosing Spondylosis fell in last part of May 2 & 1/2 days in hospital they found a fracture of the C4-5 went in took the roof off of C-3 though C-7 for Spinal stenosis then repaired the fracture at C-4 -5 using cadver bone patients own bone& glue like mixture near as I could tell in what the doctor said.Now 6months later there is a Air space between the bone graft its not filling in. 1st dr the surgeon did not say anything about it was not healing also no restrictions when leaving hospital wear hard cervical collar during the day may take off at night.? The surgeron left that office went to a better job. Leaving Patient with another dr same office. this new dr says its not healing the restictions he said are cervical collar on 24/7 24 hrs a day he said today for the rest of his life? no driving,no sports, no getting on ladders no lifting over 30# ? Can never work again/ was a welder does this sound about right? now depressed
This dr said also 75% of patients with this problem die or are parailized only 25% have very few probllems.Patient does have finger & arm tingling & a little pain.
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Dear Friend,
If the bone has not yet healed and according to the treating doctor, there is a lot of empty space inside, then we really need to be overcautious.
The bone heals slowly and till that time we need to give it a lot of protection.Because the full weight of the brain and skull rests on the cervical spine bones.

Hence the collar is necessary in this case.
If the person lift heavy object,does other activities requiring head activities, then stress may be high on the involved bones.
Hence i would suggest you to go as per the present doctor's advice.

However, if money is not a problem, then please go for a second opinion, so that the doctor may plan for additional bone grafting, to stimulate bone regeneration.
I would be able to advice you only in this case, as it really require a good examination and investigation reports co-relation.
Hence don't hesitate for a second opinion.

Feel free to discuss more s new post,
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