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Congenital Scoliosis

My son was born 6 weeks premature and had bruising on his chest after delivery.  The NICU Drs did a chest xray and since he was so tiny the xray showed his spine as well.  The xray indicated a 45 degree curve at the bottom of his spine L4 or L5.  At 5 mos old he was taken to a specialst and xrayed again.  This time the curve was only 25%.  When is the curve considered a major concern and require surgery.  He has had other tests that ruled out any other congenital problems and his spinal cord is not fused.
I feel lucky that this is the only obsticle my litle guy has to over come, I know other premiees aren't as lucky.
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Dear Friend,
It's good that the curve has decreased.
As a rule of thumb, if the curve is less than 50 degree, we don't think of operation.
As you have rightfully said, you are lucky. Generally the congenital curves are stubborn and increase progressively.
Hence we have to wait and watch.
But i would advice you to have a regular follow-up with your treating doctor, so as to keep a regular track of the curve.
Feel free to discuss more,
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