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Exercise that's best after Microdisectomy T9-T10

Many thanks for your time.

I had 18 months ago a Microdisectomy T-9 T-10 due to cord compression. Disc was

pushing into my spinal canal.I had a accident/injury at work.

I have recovered , I am 44yrs old. Female I was told I can

snow ski again,  I had a neurosurgeon do my operation. I swim, I have gone back to Jazzercise, low im/aerobics, but find this makes my scar on

my back hurt. Still get back pain,nothing like before the accident, but feel my back isn't as sprong, I have
always been active. I have had 6 children including twins, and always was fit. I walk daily
I have had a post op MRI 3 months after my operation and that was fine,don't have any spinal cord compression,

just scar tissue. Any advice would be great on if the exercise I do is good for
my back .  Thanks Fizzy

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Dear Fizzy1,  
It is common to have some mechanical back pain after disc surgery.  When the disc herniates it tears, so the doctor had to remove a portion of that during surgery.  You may have some degeneration of the disc which can ache during exercise.
Try to consider non-impact exercise and maybe use some motrin or alleve if ok with your doctor.  Bike, elliptical trainer, stair master and pilates are all reasonable options to try.
Glad to hear you are doing better after the surgery.
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Dear Dr .Paul

Really appreciate your comments. In Jazzercise we do a mix of Pilates and I only
do the low impact moves, I don't do any high impact moves. I value you input on other things I can do.

Is is also good to use regularly creams on your back e.g., arnica (homeopathic gel
for swelling etc) I have found that helps and capsicum cream that heats up
your back when you have muscles that hurt around your back.. I was also told I shouldn't ever again carry/lift more than 7kg that's only like 16pounds? in weight, do you Dr Slosa recommend your patients that have had microdisectomy
to the Thoracic area only lift this amount?, I always lift correctly taking weight in
the legs etc. I physically are strong and don't carry heavy weight's since
I had my accident and surgery, however feel
7kg isn't much.

I do believe also that exercise is better for you back if done correctly even if
you get sore after you can't let yourself get unfit and overweight, so have to
keep working at your fitness, health all your life, life time commitment.

Regards Fizzy
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