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I wrote prior about my L1 burst fracture, and the replacement of T12 thru L1 with a titanium cage.  I still after 3 yrs have no feeling in my lower left abdominal  side. My right leg still shakes, and I am in chronic pain.  I do teach little  kids, which I will never give up.  I am not sitting home all day.
Well, today I went for my nuerosurgical ck. and the doc. seemed a bit alarmed with my neuro exam.  My reflexes are extremely hyper. I knew that.  I wake up with tremors and i get spontaneous spasms.  I am troubled by eyesight. For sure in my left eye.  I almost cant see with that sidever well anymore.  I am 42f.  I have had TIAs, on coumadin, have a pacemaker, and questioned for MS.  The doc. this mornin muttered C5, and started asking about topical feeling in certain areas.  I don't want to go down yet another path.  I am set to come back in a couple months after aquatic therapy.  
In this situation what could the hyperrexia represent.  I also have severe dysautonomia, which resulted in my pacemaker.  i have excessive sweating, flushing, rapid change in bp.  Any clues?
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Dear Friend,
Am sorry for the delayed answer.
In your case there is a high chances of neurological involvement in the present situation.
Since you are on Pacemaker, i can't advice you for MRI scan, but a CT scan would be helpful in giving some guidance.
There is some spinal cord involvement which is causing the upper motor neuron symptoms like hyper-reflexia and tremors.
There is again a small possibility of brain involvement also. So CT scan of brain may also be required. The alarming factors is the involvement of eyesight (whether its optic nerve related or proper eye problem).
Hence the scans will help.

Excessive flushing , BP problems , sweating can be either cardiac related or stress related. A good cardiologist's opinion is desperately required.

Please discuss the same issues with your Neurologist as well as cardiologist.
Please update me...
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