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MRI result

Please explane what this means.  I am still in a lot of pain.  I seemed to recover nicely until mid april and the pain came back as it was prior to surgery.

I had a laminectomy c5-6 in 2001 in 2010 the did c3-c6.  prior to 2010 surgery I had pain in neck and it was diagnosied as mylopathy.
Numbness in finger tips to the point of not being able to button or work clasps on a necklaces.  Pain all the time at base of neck and under shoulder blades

after surgery Jan 6th numbness in finger tips gone and pain improved until mid April now skin of whole left hand tingels and goes numb at times.  Pain in neck is constant.

what does this mean?
"there does appear to be attenuation of the CSF
signals posterior to the cord at the level of the superior margin of
the C3 and inferior margin of the C6 vertebra. "
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Dear Friend,
Many thanks for the post.
Well this appears to be related to  -
1) Myelopathy which is still not treated.
2) Mechanical obstruction, involving the affected region, either due to scar tissue or due to disc obstruction, either due to un-removed disc or due to some parts remaining.

In any case scenario, we would require a MRI scan to know the detail, as what is happening inside the neck region.
Also would like you to have a discussion with your treating doctor, post MRI, to discuss further about the treatment planned.
In the meanwhile you can continue with an additional supports (cervical collar) and medicines for pain relief.
Please discuss further, if things remain unanswered.

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Sounds alot like tissue of some sort may be obstructing the course of your healing. Scar tissue certainely comes to mind. With that said, I would make an appt to see your surgeon and let him know what's going on. With only minimal information, it's hard ro try and guess of the cause. Someone will come along, with more to add, Im sure. Take care, Pmartin
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