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Middle of night stomach spasms & back soreness

My boyfriend is a 34 year old healthy and active general contractor.  About 2 months ago he had a concrete laying job that required lots of bending and stretching as well as long durations on his knees.  One morning he awoke with severe spasms in his stomach/ribcage area.  It has progressed sporadically to his sides as well.  He also complains of mid to lower back pain.  This has become intolerable because it wakes him every night at 3am. Changing positions or switching beds doesn't seem to work. He occasionally takes 600 mg of ibuprofen to ease the pain and fall asleep.  He has gotten an MRI of his mid and lower back and everything looks normal. The only previous history he has regarding his back Is that at age 16 he had a spinal fusion to lower spine and had metal work removed when he was 23 years old.

He has seen a coupe doctors and all they recommend is chiropractic work which he tried but came back with more pain. He has not yet spoken to a spinal surgeon. Would this be the answer? The pains are not subsiding or becoming less frequent.

Please help.
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