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New Back surgery "X Stop"

I have a Herniated Disc and have had 2 Cortizone shots with minimal success.  I have been told about a procedure
called "X STOP".  Could you advise me if this is something I should consider???
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Dear Roby,
Many thanks for posting the question via this forum.
I will be answering your questions and feel free to ask me more and more via new posts.
There are may reasons for back pain -
1) Disc protrusion causing pinching of the nerve.
2) Disc protrusion causing pinching of nerve as well as the spinal cord.
3) Decreased space in between the 2 vertebrae . Can be due to muscle spans/ odema causing backpain.
4) Muscle herniation inside the vertebrae, causing decreased space and resulting into the back pain.

Other reasons of the back pain are due to muscle injury/weakness/stress/overactivity/improper lifestyle/etc

If the root cause of backpain is due to decreased space between the 2 vertebrae (ie point no-3) , then and only then X-Stop is advisable.
X-Stop is a type of implant, which is positioned inbetween the 2 vertebrae, to increase the space between the two levels.

So we first need to know the cause and then only plan for the surgery.
So your treating Neurosurgeon/Orthopaedician can help you arrive at a conclusion as physical examination is necessary.

Please post more questions, as i am now ready to answer them

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