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Pain in the Neck! HELP//MRI Review

Hi.  I'd like to benchmark...Seeing my neurologist next week but happened to get my MRI report today....As with all people that post here, my neck hurts - stiff, radiating pain and generally uncomfortable.  Here is the "impression" portion of the MRI Report:

I am a 46 year old female

Multilevel disc disease with mild spinal stenonis and bilateral foraminal encroachment at C3-C4.  Small central disc protrusions at C4-C5 and C5/6 slightly more pronounced at C 5/6
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Dear Friend,
You are having neck pain and maybe some weakness or numbness in the arms also, due to the above mentioned reasons, as documented in the MRI.
It's good that you are already having an appointment with a doctor.
Presently i am assuming that physiotherapy alone would/should suffice along with a collar.
Please discuss, post your consultation, so that we can take it forward.
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