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Had microdisectomy 16 months ago

Many thanks for your time.

I had 16  months ago a Microdisectomy T-9 T-10 due to cord compression. Disc was

pushing into my spinal canal..I had a injury/accidet at work.

Most back operation aren't in the thoracic area, mine was, I have recovered , I am 44yrs old. Female, not overweight, always exercised. I was told I can

snow ski again by my neurosurgery, have gone back to Jazzercise, I only do ALL low impact/aerobics,don't do anything
like running, or any heavy lifting of washing,  all exercise seems
to stir up my back pain, not bad, but not the way I was before the operation.. I walk daily,swim. I   had a post op MRI 4 months after my operation,don't have any spinal cord compression,

just scar tissue. Any advice on exercise that's good for your back after spinal surgery, or experience would be great.

I walk daily and swim 3-times per week also, however all exercise except walking gives discomfort, however
doing Nothing gives you pain, I like to exercise so want to keep doing it, but the best kind.Thanks Fizzy
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I have pain after the accident till I had the operation, like girdle pain, chest ribs pain out down to
lower side of back,was a burning pain, my operation was in the T9-T-10 Only way to
find out is to have a CT Scan and MRI needs to be lumber and thorasic area to see, x-ray may not show it up exactly. Love Fizzy
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may i please ask you a question....what you had sounds similar to my problem....

i feel like my spine is pressing in.....and it even makes me short of breath...its right in the area of...(if you had a bra on...thats where you would snap it....anyway...that is where my problem is....coming from...

sorry but i dont know very much about all this yet...but was wondering if i could possibly have that same problem...?   have always been healthy....excercised alot....used to run 6 mi a day......
everyone is looking into the musles....but i think my spine which feels like it is pressing in.....is causing my musles to have contractions...or spasms.....this is non stop....everyday...every hour....if i dont have something for the pain...percocet, or vicadan, ...the pain will not stop...and its way more than i can handle.....

does this sound like what you had?
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As for the amount of weight you can lift. I was told not to lift too much weight directly after the microdisectomy. But for the future: there should be NO limit on how much you can lift. As I said: i had the discectomy in 2003 and 12 months later i was back to working out and lifting weights. A discectomy is a simple non invasive procedure and there is no limits on how much weight you can lift years after having one. I had a spinal fusion in dec 2007: and have been going to physical therapy and have been told that i will be able to return to all and any activity i was doing prior.
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I would advise you to start a spine rehab program. There are several that are often supervised by spine surgeons and conducted by physios. This ideally should include both gym and aquatherapy activities.

Dr Prem Pillay
Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon
Director of Neuro and Spine Services
NeuroSpine and Pain Center
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What advice has your surgeons told you about how much weight you can carry/lift
I was told different advice,by different Dr's. My Neurosurgeon said I couldn't
ever lift again any more than 7KG that's only like 15pounds in weight, another said about 20 pounds (15KG) due to having had a microdisectomy, interested what other are told
about how much weigh they can lift and carry 12months past a microdisectomy operation , spinal back operation.
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I had a microdiscectomy in 2003: i had such a problem with pain flare up for so long afterward and i am an avid excerciser: i had been kickboxing 5 times a week and running prior to the back problem. So my dr said: you have to excercise: it is what will help you: i was like yah but it hurts....so after about 12 months: i did get back slowly to excercise, i joined a "Curves" like excercise place for 5 months: then i returned back to kick boxing and running. Dr was right: it was the best thing for me. I think what you are currently doing is very very good. It is going to cause flare ups for a while. Just make sure you ice the area after excercising: this will eliminate swelling that is causing the pain after working out.
good luck
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you know if creams/lotions that have glucosmine and capsicum, back
rub creams are good to use long term, not like they have a drug in it, but
does research show these creams like Capsicum, Arnica help with back pain,pain
around your  spine, I use Arnica (homeopathic) gel on my scar on my back from my microdisectomy as I get
pain at times around this area after exercise, must be due to the tissue swells.

Any advice would be great.

Thanks again Fizzy
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Hi, I have the same problem with my low back and buttocks area.  No matter what exercise I do, even sometimes the swimming, my back will be so sore!  I know I have the herniated discs in my neck, but I don't know what's going on in my low back.  

I have tried exercises to strengthen the back muscles, but this makes them hurt more.

Sorry I don't have an answer.  Maybe cut back a little, that's what I did.  Do every other day instead of two or three days in a row.
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