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Is losing weight a proven answer??

My husband has had a sciatica condition for 6 years.  He just had a total knee replacement and due to the sciatica condition, the PT for his knee replacement is next to impossible.   He has been to a chiropractor, accupuncturist, back surgeon, had X-rays, and MRI taken, steroid shots in the back (twice) and nothing helps or shows up on the tests.  The only thing they say is he has arthritis in his back.  His is only 60 yrs old and is getting worse every day.  He was active and golfing up to about 1 year ago, then the pain got too bad for him to continue his golfing.  
The only thing he hasn't accomplished is losing weight.  He weighs 250 lbs and is only 5' 7".  My question: Has anyone out there actually had an ongoing sciatica condition like this..........lost weight...........and had it make a difference in the sciatica condition?  I know losing weight will make you feel better anyway, but specifically did it help your sciatica condition?  Thanks
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I had back surgery in 2005.  After surgery pain was still present and treated with zanaflex and neurotin.  Over the past year, I have lost 40 lbs. ( I was close to 240 on a 5 ft 7 inch frame).  The weight loss helps some, but I still have back problems- the best relief from the weight loss is more energy and better mobility when my back does act up.  Weight loss does reduce the amount of weight (in gut) that my back has to support...and in the long run it just feels better to get into shape.  I have found that exercise hurts my back alittle bit now and then- but my back is much worse on a day-to-day basis when I do not work out.  Even simple exercise like walking helps.
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I had both knees replaced, there is a wonderful web sight called:   onourfeet.com PLEASE go there and read the many posts from people with knee replacements there are also sections for his shoulders anckels and now, spinal fusions. this web sight was the one thing that really, really pulled me through 3 different surgeries now. there are many there with many stories and soultions to all kinds of problems, I am sure someone there has the same issue. I have NEVER heard of a problem they didn't solve.
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This question is near and dear to my heart because I have dealt with such pain all of my life and have always been told that if I just lost weight.... well I have lost over 140 lbs and am now considered a 'normal' weight, 2 weeks ago I had a 3 level spinal fusion - this is my 3rd spinal surgery in 8 years and I'm 32 years old.

Losing weight will help, but please do not blame the weight as being the sole cause and reason. Pushing him will not get him to lose weight if he doesnt want to or maybe he is in too much pain to move (making it difficult to lose weight), or he is depressed because of his pain and limitations - again, not making it easy.

I wish you both the best and hope you find some relief.

Best wishes,
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