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A Year of Back Pain & Tight Hamstrings

Hi there,

I'm a 28 yr old male, weighing 87.5Kg. I've been experiencing quite sever lower back pain, often accompanied by tight hamstrings, for about a year now. Stretching doesn't seem to help much.

It's worst in the mornings, when sometimes I find it difficult getting out of bed. At first I blamed a new 'expensive' mattress I bought with memory foam (it was very soft) but in the last few months I've bought quite a hard (and again, not cheap!) one and haven't seen much of an improvement. The best nights sleep I get is when I've been out for a few drinks etc.

I first got an X-ray which showed normal spacing etc in the spine - the Doc said all was normal. I then went to an Osteopath who refused to treat it until I had an MRI and blood tests.

Technique - T1 & T2 sequences were performed in sagittal sections and T2 in axial sections.
Findings - Normal Vertebral alignment. Normal signal noted in the intervertebral discs of lumbar spine. No focal disc prolapse. No canal stenosis. No bony vertebral fracture or destruction seen. Normal appearance of the conus of the cord. Normal appearance of nerve roots and exit foramina.

U+Es (N), LFTs (N), Ferritin (226), WCC (6.5), Hb (14.9), p/ts (218), ESR (3), RF (<13), CRP (<4), ANA (Negative)

Now, I've been referred by Doc to see a Rhumatologist Consultant....'one yr history of back pain and morning stiffness. Sometimes takes anti-inflamatories to ease pain and symptoms seem to settle as day progresses. No history of trauma or fever and no weight loss. Some radiation of pain to both thighs but no leg weakness, bowel or bladder dysfunction. Normally in good health and doesn't use any other meds. No significant family history.

Examination revealed some tenderness over the lumber spine and right sacro-iliac joint with stiffness on flexing forward, SLR 60degrees bilaterally and normal power in both legs. MRI scan did not image SI joints. I am concerned at the chronicity of his symptoms despite normal bloods.'

Adding to this, I've started to notice some mild 'numbness' around the scrotal area although it's not effecting normal functionality!

I've yet to back to the Osteopath or Rhumatologist Consultant.

Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated!
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I have almost the exact same experience as you, I have had this problem for 2 years.  the only addition has now been that I had a kidney stone.  Please let me know if you get any advice.  I am also disturned that no-one has any idea whats wrong with me.

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HEY, brian I too share in your story, however my treatments were script drugs-vicodin, oxycotin, and now percaset, be carefull though of side affects.   kev, depew
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I just have a question, what is your daily routine? Do you mostly sit down the whole day, in a computer test or couch, or do you get up and walk around?

I have back pain to, and I feel like it gets worst when I spend days not moving much.
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The original poster I believe is suffering from Lower Crossed Syndrome. It is a muscular imbalance that comes from sitting and bad posture. Hammies get tight, core is weak, pelvis is forwardly tilted. This is a postural issue. Stretching wont work unless you first release the tight muscles with heat and then myofascial release/trigger point techniques. I recommend 3 books--- a book on posture by Paul D'Arezzo and Jolie Bookspan's "how to fix your back pain without drugs or surgery" There is also a great book on trigger points by Clair Davies.
The MRI was pretty much negative--- This syndrome is to me all that is left.
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