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Any thoughts re. Neck Pain w/ off & on laryngitis for 9 mo.

9 months...I'm finally throwing it out to the internet. I've never posted so you know I'm in pain :)
I'm completely worn out from dealing with this issue. Hopefully someone out there can help.  

In June 2020 I got a bout of laryngitis.  I continued on for 10 days w/ progressing neck pain radiating up to my temple on right side.  Sent for Covid test (neg). Worsened and went to ER.  Xrays and CTs showed slight protrusion of C4&5 and C6&7, but otherwise - normal. CBCs normal. SedRate/Inflammation marker - normal.  I am female, 5'8 140, overall good health.  In the last 9 months, ENT for laryrngoscopy -> clear.  No history of reflux, but sent to gastroenterologist (for possibility of LPR and I said that I had a habit of clearing my throat a lot?) and put on protonix and pepcid and eliminated host of foods. I've been put on cyclobenzaprine (5mg 3x/day). I've tried NSAIDS. No matter what I try, it continues to come and go.  The voice comes back, but it will go randomly and be gone for days (like now) - raspy, breathy.

I do notice sternacleidomastoid (scm) being tender/sore, and up under jaw, behind ear, in ear, in rt lymph node area especially behind it, but lymph node is not swollen, but just in that area there is pain.  I know the scm attaches in tha region, and there are a host of neck muscles, and even under chin in diagastric muscles, plus shoulder &n neck muscles that can come into play here. Often, like today, the area under my chin is tender. My trapezius muscles are often sore (after chores, dishes, walking dog,etc) as well.  

So can this be an issue with my scm? I am aware of muscle tension dysphonia, but my voice comes back and the scm stays tense. I do have a history of anxiety & holding tension in my neck and back, but it's almost as if it never goes away now even when I'm relaxed and the scm area always feels weird at the top few inches of that muscle, under the ear.  Can you have tension that stays regardless of muscle relaxers (eg. hyperstimulated muscles)? Could my hyoid or larynx be affected by my scm being strained?  Could I have permanently injured that muscle? What kind of specialist would I even see at this point?  Neuro/Ortho?  In an area where there aren't a lot of choices of specialists in this area so looking for any advice or feedback.  I don't know what else to do.  
Thanks. - Voiceless in WV
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I also experience ongoing voice issues from my SCM on the right side. The right SCM is like a tug-of-war rope compared to the left side which is more like an extension cord. I’m also a chronic tencer. I don’t completely loose my voice but do have on and off raspyness accompanied by occasional heart palpitations. I also have chronic trigger-points in my traps. I’ve read that this maybe the result of the SCM entrapping the Vegas nerve and/or cervical instability. There’s some good info at this website: https://www.caringmedical.com/prolotherapy-news/barre-lieou-cervicocranial-syndromes/
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Can't tell you, but when you have no great docs in your area if you can travel you have to go where they are.  I do have one question:  while neck pain is quite common in humans generally and especially in anxiety sufferers, laryngitis isn't and this coincided with a spasm of covid.  The home test you seem to have taken probably isn't very accurate compared to much better tests, so when you went to ER did they give you a couple or good PCR tests?  It takes more than one, often.  I suspect they did but just suggesting if that home test was your only covid test it could still be that.
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Didn’t do a covid home test. It was thru testing center. Not covid. I work from home. No contact w/ anyone leading up to this for a month plus.
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