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Hi everyone. Im hoping somebody can help me.

For the last two years or so I have had back pain before and after sleeping. My back is fine throughout the day but 30 seconds or so after lying down in bed, I feel a very uncomfortable 'nipping' in my lower thoracic spine. After changing position several times the pain subsides and allows me to fall asleep however 6 hours later I wake up with worse pain in the same area and cannot fall back asleep without having to get up and stretch my back for 5-10 minutes. This happens every night and is slowly getting worse with time. I also have some 'fibrotic' muscle on one side of my spine and until recently, I suffered regular muscle spasms. My back has been like this for the last 8 years or so and I have never injured my back.
I have recently had an MRI which was clear and X-rays which were also clear.  I have had facet joint injections which have stopped the muscle spasms-great! but it is the 'nipping' pain and sleep disruption that is really driving me insane.
I am a fit healthy 29 year old. I have tried yoga, core strengthening, posture correction, acupuncture and several different mattresses and sleeping positions. I haven't found a physio yet who has helped me long term. I am worried that something serious is being missed and would dearly appreciate any advice!
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Thanks for the advice. What is the difference between that and normal acupuncture?
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Hi, you probably suffer from soft tissue injures around your upper back. Deep and intensive acupuncture can help( Not general acupuncture).
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