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Back pain and stiffness

Hi I’ve had problems with my back which were gradually getting worse but now getting worse more dramatically.

I was first told by an osteopath in 2006 that I have hypermobility in my lower spine which was resolved with manual manipulation. I had ongoing problems with my right hip which weren’t responding to the manipulation (the osteopath thought the issues were related to my spinal problem) but it turned out I had a ruptured iliopsoas which was surgically repaired in 2011.

So I became aware of my back problems resurfacing in 2014. I would lie down on the floor and I would feel something in the lower part of my back “catch” or “lock”. I would hear a cracking sound and the feel of something moving in my spine and then a twinge. If I then tried to get up my spine would stiffen and I would get this pain from my left buttock and down the back of my leg (no numbness). I always need someone to help pull me up from off the floor.

When I lie on my front or bend at my waist I get excruciating pain in my lower back, where it stiffens. Once I couldn’t move at all from off the floor.

If I were to sit down for a while and then stand up my back would ache and stop me from standing more upright. I would end up lurching forward and have a slight waddle when using my left leg.

Also I get aching in my groin and I sometimes get the aching in my buttock, groin and leg when I’m sitting in the floor with my legs out straight.

Is it likely to be a joint, bone or muscle issue? I don’t take anything for it. I’m not overweight - I’m still within a healthy body mass index.
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Please don't wait! You need to find a surgeon or really a spine specialist! There are great surgeons out there that aren't about the money! They truly just love fixing people just the way I love repairing wrecked vehicles! Virginia Brain & Spine have an excellent team of dedicated surgeons! Dr. Lewis at Shands Hospital in Gainesville FL. Did 3 laminectomys on me and both he and the hospital waived all fees! Dr. Selsnik @ Virginia Brain & Spine reduced his fee to a very affordable price and Winchester VA. Which is now called Valley health where the surgeries were performed waived all fees through
financial aid I never received a bill at all!!

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Obviously you need to see an orthopedic surgeon for an MRI.  It could be the lower back, it could be the hips.  It could be muscular and it could be structural.  You won't find out unless you see someone who can diagnose you as you can't diagnose yourself.  
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