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Back pain ?

Hi guys felt my back lock up after trying to lift a truck tyre on Ute , since then pain has not stoped had x ray & shows no spine fracture but centre of my back under left shoulder blade generates pain & pain killers seem to have no affect … anyone else had symptoms like this ??
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If you live long enough, we all have symptoms like this.  I don't think you could have fractured anything doing what you did, so don't know why that was mentioned, but all an X-ray shows is bone health, meaning they're really looking for arthritis.  An MRI shows soft tissue damage, not an X-ray.  But most likely, this stuff is usually muscular, and time should heal it.  The normal advice would be rest, elevate, ice and you know the drill.  Massage might help.  If it continues, see an orthopedic surgeon, get an MRI to make sure nothing is amiss, and then you'll most likely be sent to physical therapy to rehab.  But again, time will probably fix it, but how much time depends on what else you're doing and how fast your body recovers.  
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I have had things like this on and off.  It stinks. Sorry you are uncomfortable.  When I was in my 20's, I was in a car accident. I found massage to be amazing.  If you find a good massage person (think medical massage rather than slinky white robe massage), it can do wonders.  Or a chiropractor?  Icing and heat can help and I like some of the things like biofreeze, salon pas, etc.  Arnica even can help. But really, massage saved me years back.
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Listen to Mom everyone.  I made a big mistake because the docs didn't tell me this, but I was in a bad car accident as well but the docs said, well, nothing broken, nothing hurt, wait it out.  It got better, but years later I discovered my neck vertebrae were toast probably from this accident.  If I had been told to seek massage or something like that at the time, I've been told the inflammation would have been controlled and I'd not be in this shape now.  Not sure this affects the person posting, but if you do have a bad accident it can be a life saver to get some work that prevents chronic inflammation.  
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