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Back pain

       Im 54 year old male with severe back pain, I've had fusion done on L2 thru L4 now my thoracic T6-T7disc herniation which partially effaces the right ventral thecal sac. T7-T8 disc herniation. T9-T10 herniation effaces
the ventral thecal sac and subtly indents the right ventral surface of the cord. Prominant facet and ligamentum
flavum hypertrophy at T10-T11 and T11-T12 partially efaces the posterolateral thecal sac bilaterally.
L1-L2 disc degeneration with concentric annular buldging. L2-L3 same problem L3-L-4 same thing L4-L5 Disc
desiccation with mild generalized annular bulging. L5-S1 Disc degeneration with moderate disc space height loss
and concentric annular buldging. there is moderate bilateral foraminal narrowing due to disc osteophyte formation
and facet spurring. This is off my MRI report. I had my lumbar 2thru 4 fussed in june off 2005 I have never been in accident this is all degenerative. At this time the pain is im my arms,legs ribs pelvis and across my shoulders.
The question is whats next, I have lupus I went to two defferent Drs. in two different States to confirm this. Also
Fibromyalgia, sjrogens syndrom R.A. osteoarthritis, colon problems diverticulitis, colitus leaky bowel. Im going to a Spinal Institute for help. what do you think can be done the meds im on, Delaulid 2mgs 3 xday prednisone 7.5 mgs once,Lyrica 100 mgs 2xday clonazepam .5 once day celebrex 200 mgs once day. Do you think surgery is the answer Iv'e done epidurals on lower back with no relieve so what can be done next
                               Thanks Pops
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Thousands of people have been helped or cured of Lupus and all of those other problems you seem to have on the Hallelujah Diet. Go hacres.com. and read about the diet and the testimonials from many people.
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I'm your age. I too have had much back problems but now I don't, except for the previous surgery I had done on my lower back in 1980. I wish I knew then what I'm about to tell you now. I have a saying, "most problems are not from the obvious". Its easy to go around and say " my back hurts here-fix it there-problem solved but it don't work that way. For example, had you have known that the heavy wallet you kept for the past 30 years in your right rear pocket couple with driving an automobile with the seat all the way back, plus adding in an extra 20 pounds around the waste is the real problem not the pain in your back. The wallet causing you to sit off center and the driving with your legs straight out forces you to pull on your lower back instead of pulling the seat closer using more of your knees than back might show you some relief.

In 2001 I was looking at neck surgery with spinal degenerative disease. Also a Chiroprator had slightly ruptured a disk in the middle of my back and I had a developed a bone spur at the surgery area of my lower back. I was a mess. Now I need no surgery. Watch the show Scrubs and see how surgeons really are. It is how they are. The last thing you want is surgery. Then 911 occurred. After 911 I heard of a treatment many of the firefighters under went because of all the toxic materials they not only breathed but was also obsorbed into their skin. I looked it up on the internet and listen to their testimonials and began to do my own study of the process they under went. It was a 3-6 weeks dry sauna, 5 hours per day vitamin enriched niacin and minerial enchiched process known as the Purification Rundown.

This process is designed to rid the body of any and all past drug, x-ray, radiation, food preservative, etc. toxins that are stored in our bodies and in particular in our body fats that get released into us under pain and stress. I figured I had nothing to lose and it only cost $1500.00 so why not. It took me 36 days and I could not believe what came out of my body. My towels stunk to high heaven. The radiation from all my dental work came out of my head, woman in the sauna had old beat red sunburns re-surface that they had gotten when they were teenagers. My vision improved, colors were sharper and brighter, my skin tightened up and of better tone but most importantly my pain was gone. I would check it out, it works. Good Luck.
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