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Chronic headaches from neck problem.

I have had constant chronic headaches since I fell off my bike 3 years ago.  The MRI show the following"  " Multi-level spondysiosis most pronounced at the C3-4 level where there is mild grade1 retrollsthesis and 3mm broad disc/ redundant kisc annulus and end plate osteophtic ridging complex shlightly ecccentric to the left of midline.  Multi level neural foraminal narrowing most pronounced on the left at C3-4.

Could my constant chronic headache be coming from my neck problems
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The CT results are similar to the MRI results you posted earlier.  The loss of disc height is creating narrowing of the central canal and of the neural foramen at C3-C4.  The bone spurs (osteophyte) and bone hypertrophy are contributing to this problem and is probably resulting in additional nerve compression.
Based on these findings, the chronic headaches, neck and back pain etc can all be caused by the nerve compression at the C3-C4 level.  (Google "dermatomes" and you can see what areas of the body are affected by each spinal nerve.
Your doctor can review these findings in greater detail at the time of your appt in three weeks.  He will also be able to provide treatment recommendations, which could include surgical intervention.
Hopefully you will obtain good relief of your symptoms ---
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I just got back my C.T. Scan on my Cervical Spine.  The report said:  "Degenerative Disc Disease C3-4 with loss of disc height, osteophyte formation and uncovertebral joint hypertrophy.  This results in moderate foraminal and mild central canal narrowing."

Could this be the reason I have chronic headaches, neck and back pain, dizzy and tired all the time.  I do not have an appointment to see the doctor for 3 weeks.  Any suggestion or advice on this C.T. Scan would be appreciated.   Could this give me chronic headaches?
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Chronic headaches can be the result of the degenerative changes in your cervical spine.
The disc extrusion and osteophyte  at the C3-4 level has resulted in narrowing of the neural  foramen (through which the spinal nerve roots travel)
If the spinal nerve roots are compromised, the result would be neurological symptoms such as headaches even to the point of migraine cluster headaches.
If you are not currently under treatment for your neck problems it might be beneficial to obtain a medical evaluation from an orthopedic specialist to determine what treatment options are available to you.
It sounds as if there are degenerative changes at other vertebral levels in your cervical spine and a new MRI might be needed to determine if there are interval changes which could be contributing to your symptoms.
Post with an update and let us know about your progress.
Best wishes ---
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