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Disabled Medically Retired Military Veteran

I am a medically retired disabled veteran.  I am having 50/50 luck with our VA system and the patient advocate is backing me for aide.  Tomorrow I see my third doctor, it is the second MD.  Somehow, I was paired with a FNP initially and I have far too many health ailments, plus she had a lack of communication and non-desire to help me. I have every report form every appointment mailed to me and dissect everything.  My will to become better is unremarkable.  After much a fight, we have a CT scan on my entire spine.  I have been explaining the bulk of my pain in in the thoracic section for some time.  What does this mean?  "There is a mild anterior marginal osteophyte at T10-T-11 level.  Schmorl nodes deformity seen inferior endplate of T11-12 and L-1 levels.  Facet degenerative arthritis is seen at multiple levels in mid to lower level thoracic spine with marginal spurring and vacum changes."
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Hi there!

Osteophytes are small bony outgrowths that occur secondary to degeneration at joint spaces. Schmorl's nodes are intervertebral cartilage indentations into the vertebral body and are associated with inflammation and necrosis. It is not yet known if these are the cause or the result of inflammation/ necrosis. The report essentially describes degenerative/ inflammatory changes at lower thoracic and upper lumbar levels.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Thank you.  I meet with the Pain Doctor next month.  I have been doing hydrotherapy, which has been remarkable :)
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