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Hi all,
I first visited my doc in July 08 for back pain in my upper right back, shoulder, neck and arm. He referred me to the chiropractor and I went to the chiropractor 5 times with no improvement over the next month. I went back to my doctor and he sent me for a x-ray and referred me to a physical therapist. During this visit he mentioned possible fibromyalgia and I have been so frustrated that I have not returned.

After my son was born in September of 2005 I had been experiencing pain in my hips and feet. I was given an x-ray and referred to an orthopedic surgeon who wanted to put me  under for surgery to remove calcification on my hip and cut off bunions on the outside of my feet. I refused the surgeries and said I would live with the feet and hip pain. As a single mom working sixty hours a week then and now, I do not have time for surgery or the money to be out of work for the recovery time.

I am bringing back up past systems because I am not sure if they relate to what is going on with my back now.... my doctor knows my family well- I have a brother that survived testicular cancer at 27 and a sister in law diagnosed at 24 with ovarian cancer that is currently battling. I think he thinks that because I have to close people to me with cancer that I'm crazy and wants to diagnose me with fibromyaliga- which I do not have symptoms of at all.

For eight months I have felt exhausted. I don't sleep good. I fall asleep in pain, I wake up in pain, and all day, I am in pain. The entire upper right region of my back has been swollen and sore for eight months. The swelling wont go down no matter what I do- heat, ice, massage, stretch, yoga, rest- nothing works. There are small golf ball size to pea size knots around muscles that are impossible to massage because they feel like rocks. As if I am holding two baseballs on each side of my neck. I cannot touch my neck to my shoulders.The upper most part of my spine that connects to my neck feels sore and bruised along with my upper spine. The pain radiates into my shoulder blade, upper right arm, collarbone, and chest. At least five times a day I hear this loud pop (as does anyone that is within ten feet of me) where my neck connects to my right shoulder closest to my spine. It often feels like my shoulder blade pops- rather feels like it shifts as if moving from one side to the next. I can hear crackling and grinding and strange sensations of air being released whenever I stretch or try to loosen the muscles up.

I have a history of abnormal cervical cells and have had surgeries to remove the cells. I am high risk  for cervical cancer and have to have a pap smear every six months- last time they had to look close at my cells and said I had some lesions that were abnormal that need close watch.

I was also diagnosed with mild scoliosis as a child...

This is my entire medical history- I am just hoping someone will read my long post- tell me if any of this is connected and help me get to the bottom of my back pain that is KILLING my life and spirit! Please help!

I live in upstate ny and feel that doctors aren't on it around here- just from watching my brother and sister in law almost die under the care of upstate docs and then getting great care at Duke and Sloan cancer centers in NC and NYC. Those docs s
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It sounds like you have a lot of stress.  I have many health problems as well, but most bothersome is chronic neck and shoulder pain.  I did notice though that after I had a good cry, and my husband started being nicer to me, the pain lessened.  Stress can cause those knots in your muscles.  I have them all of the time.

I am sorry you have so many troubles.  Good luck with finding answers.  You mainly have to search them out yourself.  Doctors don't care.
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I would reccomend trying some Opiod/ Narcotic Pain Medications to ease your tension, pain, and help sedate you during the night so that you can sleep. It will be a fight to convince your Doctor that it will work, as it always is with regard to treating pain, however, if you are successful in obtaining some kind of Narcotic Pain Reliever, you will notice a substantial difference in your overall quality of life. Good Luck, you'll need it to get it!
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Hi...u mentioned mild scoliosis.....have u had ne MRI's....if not I would suggest u check it out.....I also have mild scoliosis in my thoracic spine and several other issues with my spine that I have many of the pain  and fatigue issues u mentioned.

I understand u have alot going on, but I hope u will get ur spine checked.

Good luck
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