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I need my MRI results interpreted so that I can understand them

Listed are the results of my MRI. I am having difficulty with my Dr. due to my financial situation.  I have had two back . surgeries.  I had a laminectomy in 2004, and partial disc removal at L5, S1 in June of 2007.  I fell down some stairs in December that cause a reoccurance of my back pain.  Sitting for any length of time cause me great pain.  I have fallen while standing up several times.  I had a Lumbar MRI with and without contrast on May 9.  I also had a lumbar X-ray the same day.  With the issues I am having with my doctor, I would like the report analyised in language I can understand.  Any help would be greately appreciated.  Here is the MRI report.

1. surgical changese involving the lower lumbar spine as described.
2.  MIld facet arthropathy of L3-L4 with mild foraminal narrowing.
3. 4 mm broad-baseed posterior disc protrusion involving L4-L5, eccentric to the right with annular tear.  Thre is moderate pressure on the anterior thecal sac with moderate right forminal stenosis.
4.  Disc degeneration of L5-S1 wotj facet artjrp[atju results inmild to moderate left nd moderate right foraminal stenosis.  There are surgical changes form a laminectomy without evidence of cenral stenosis.
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Thank you for your help.  My primary concern is that the disc degeneration  happens with age.  I am in my mid 20s.  I do not understand how this is happening to me as young as I am.  But thank you so much.  I am getting a written consultation from the Dr. who performed my last surgery in hopes that I will be better prepared to advocate for my care.  I have no health insurance so my options are severly limited.
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mild facet arthropathy....arthritis
posterior disc protrusion with annular tear.....disc out of place and is torn......could be like a simple "scratch" (as you get on your skin that doesnt bleed)....or could be an in depth tear, that might be leaking fluid. theres no way of us knowing if its a true "tear" or like a scratch.

stenosis...is caused by a gradual narrowing of the spinal canal. This narrowing happens as a result of the degeneration

disc degeneration...natural aging process...our discs get weaker and brittle with age....

hope this helps some
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