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In incredible pain!!! I have to get perspective on this I’m worried

Please bear with me as I try to make sure I list everything.

Ok so for about 7-8 months maybe more I have been experiencing some pain in my elbows and shoulders and neck. It all came on together and I am not so good at paying attention to my body and when I do, I feel like I’m being hypochondriac and I ignore my body and I just adapt. So I couldn’t just adapt this time I actually had to stop working and I was working from home and loved it. But I couldn’t help it. After I got insurance in order I was seen by the doctor who advised me that I might have rheumatoid arthritis but I needed a blood test for confirmation. I never got it because of the pandemic, my inability to drive because I’m visually disabled, along with either forgetting, or not being able to get to a lab during operation or honestly my own anxiety and fears.

Ok so I have been somewhat for the most part dealing with these symptoms.

Between then and now I’ve also experienced:

When I blow like as if to blow up a balloon I feel and hear it in my left ear and right under my ear actually gets a little puffy. I can push it back out and I hear crackling and I can feel moisture in my ear not much but it’s there.

I got woken up once by the inability to breath regularly for a while. Like I was fine but it felt similar to whooping cough once I physically stopped inhaling or exhaling my body was still continuing to do so and it felt like I was trying to blow into a floater with a hole in it. I only felt it in one side my right side and it was short lived and I started to think I was imagining it at all.

And now I’m in EXTREME PAIN in ONLY my upper left back, neck and shoulder down to my elbow. No chest pains and no coughing or sore throat but it started a few days ago and I did take a tiny fall when I was tripped by my husband’s dog. But I say little because I didn’t quite just fall with grace. It was one of those ugly cartoon fall’s where I kept trying to stop it but only just looked like I fell in slow motion. And I really only impacted my foot and shin my face.

But I just contributed the increase of pain to being a chubby kid and not having landed on the rug. So I was treating it with heating pads, topical ointments, and then the tens unit. Day number 3 of this and I was trying to do a small project but suddenly got extremely cold and tired and I laid down. I woke up a few hours later and I put the tens on and as soon as I it it on the lowest setting I ripped it right off. I had it on my wing my shoulder blade and I felt it in my face and the pain shot through the roof and I screamed.

*** this is my explanation for not being seen yet*****
My husband took me to the hospital. I have had a traumatic experience once upon a time and being in the hospital triggers some extreme anxiety for me. I can go I’m ok but I’m freaking out inside. Well my husband wasn’t allowed in and there wasn’t a patient in there waiting except for me. I couldn’t breath or lift my head up and I wasn’t seen. It was rolling in waves and when it was calming I got quiet but then it was rolling back and back and between freaking out and crying and trying to not make a scene I know medical professionals are overwhelmed right now… it was over 2 hours and I just asked for a timeframe or a pillow and I was treated like I was the only person that wasn’t in on a secret. So I called my husband to come get me. I tried to call my dr that day (which was yesterday btw) but they didn’t answer my dr is also an urgent care as well. I just feel like I’m somewhat comfortable so I can go Saturday if I can.


So I’m not trying to be a hypochondriac but I’m really freaking out. My pain is still on the top left of my neck back shoulder and to my elbow. But I feel it all the way to my spine and it feels like it is heavy and like someone is using force to push me down and I can get in different positions and get moderate to pretty comfortable and then once I move more than a few inches in any direction the pain instantly hits me and it feels like that heaviness shift like there’s liquid inside of me and when I move it pools at the bottom of whatever position I am in. And disrupting the pool is what hurts. Again the pool is localized to my left wing area. And there’s no pool as far as I can tell. No water noise feeling, no bruises or dark areas, nothing that sticks out or looks any different then the right with the exception of minor swelling as to be expected.

I don’t know if I have explained anything well enough to be understood. But metaphors are all I can do because I have looked at the internets finest archives of symptoms and I got nothing except a possible nerve diagnosis for Paresthesia  but I don’t believe that this describes what I have going on because I don’t really feel water and it’s only an external symptom and this is very very much inside of me.

Oh I did take a detoxification bath with a lot of epsom and ginger and apple cider vinegar and the symptoms have declined about 30-40ish percent but I don’t think it’s smart to do that repeatedly in a row

Sorry I’m telling my life story by I want to be very clear and describe exactly what is going on and what I’m doing and what I have ruled out.
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