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MRI Results for bad neck

would someone please translate the MRI results for me ... I would be grateful
EXAM: MRI of the cervical spine without contrast.


COMPARISON: CT on the same date.

TECHNIQUE: Sagittal/axial T2 weighted, sagittal T1-weighted, sagittal STIR,
and axial gradient echo T2* sequences.


Vertebral body heights and alignment appear maintained. No intrinsic spinal
cord lesions identified.

C2-C3: Posterior disc osteophyte complex with facet and uncovertebral
arthropathy causing severe right neural foraminal stenosis.

C3-C4: Posterior disc osteophyte complex with facet and uncovertebral
arthropathy causing severe bilateral neural foraminal stenosis and mild
central canal stenosis.

C4-C5: No significant stenosis.

C5-C6: Asymmetric left uncovertebral arthropathy causing mild left neural
foraminal narrowing.

C6-C7: Posterior osteophytes, eccentric to the right, causing ventral thecal
sac effacement.

C7-T1: Asymmetric left facet and uncovertebral arthropathy causing mild left
neural foraminal stenosis.


1. Postoperative and degenerative changes, described above. Assessment for
infection is limited without IV contrast. Please refer to cervical spine CT
report from the same date.

EXAM: Cervical spine CT without contrast.



TECHNIQUE: Contiguous axial images were obtained with subsequent generation of
two-dimensional coronally and sagittally reformatted images.


Evidence for prior anterior cervical discectomy and fusion from C4 through C7
with presumed bone graft material projecting from C4 through C6, as well as an
additional area of presumed bone graft in the region of the superior endplate
of C7. Lateral masses of C1 are symmetric. Anterior atlantodental interval
appears preserved. Minimal grade 1 anterolisthesis at C2-3. No evidence of
hardware fracture or hardware loosening. Vertebral body heights appear
maintained. Straightening of normal lordosis. No acute fracture identified.

C2-3: Facet and uncovertebral arthropathy causes at least moderate right
neural foraminal stenosis.

C3-4: Facet and uncovertebral arthropathy causes severe left and mild right
neural foraminal stenosis.

C4-5 through C7-T1: No significant osseous neural foraminal narrowing.

Central spinal canal is better demonstrated on dedicated MRI done the same


1. Osseous neural foraminal narrowing at C2-3 and C3-4, described above.

2. Postoperative changes from C4 through C7.
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I have had 3 spinal surgery's in the past six years and surgery was the only option as the pain(even taking narcotics) was so severe I did want to go on with life. That's when you know surgery is your only option.   My suggestion is to find a excellent neurosurgeon.
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I can't really say because it takes more than an MRI to determine a treatment plan.

What I would do is to explore every other treatment before consenting to surgery.
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thank you  very much for you help , It seems that mine runs the gammet from severe to Mild ? in your non professional opinion will this require surgery ? I am in pain 24/7 almost hoping to just get it over with.
cheers Philnoir
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The report speaks of degenerative changes in the discs of your neck. The worse problems seem to be at C2-C4, just above your cervical fusion.

When discs bulge they intrude on the space where nerve roots that exit on either side to innervate the neck, arms, and shoulders. Disc material and scar tissue can also press on the spinal cord. Your report calls these osteophytes.

This condition is called stenosis. When stenosis causes an impingement of the nerve roots, it can cause pain in the neck, arms, and shoulders.

Mild cases are treated with NSAIDs and physical therapy. Severe cases that are in danger of damaging the nerve root or occluding the cord require surgery.

Your doc will give you a diagnosis and suggest a course of treatment.
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