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MRI of Lumbar Spine

Here is MRI of a woman age 23 years,She is getting a great pain in a back.Please tell me that what should be advised to this patient and what medicine should be given to her for treatment (relieving pain)
Multiplanar imaging done through lumber spine acquiring T1/T2 weighted images.
- There is right paracentral disc protrusion seen at L5-S1 level causing thecal sac and right root compression
- there is diffuse disc dulge at L4-L5 level causing bilateral exit canal narrowing sparing the exiting nerve roots.
- Schmoral nodes are seen at superior end plate of L4.
- Dessicatory changes are seen at L4-L5 & S1 levels.
- Normal facet joints and ligamentum flava.
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I had similar MRI report. I had to have lower back surgery 7yrs ago. My lower back started bothering me at the same age. I would suggest a neurosurgon to go to. I had physical therapy, traction,pills, u name it I tried it. Just to get out of the pain I was in. I ended upafter several yes with a double herniation and in emergency surgery. I'm not trying to scare u, but even complete bed rest to get the disc to go back in doesn't always help. I experienced burning, tingling down my butt into my legs and feet. There is no magic to repair a disc only to be taken out or shaved off the sciatic nerve. I also had neck surgery br this lower Back surgery. Good luck I hope this helped
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Hi there!

The main issue is at L4-L5 with disc bulge causing compression of the thecal sac and the nerve root. If it is just mild compression it may respond to conservative measures like rest, pain killers/ anti-inflammatory medications and physiotherapy. For moderate to severe cases surgery may be required to relieve pressure on the thecal sac and the nerve roots.  I would suggest discussing the management plan in detail with the treating orthopedician/ neurologist.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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