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Neck MRI

I been having some really bad neck pain for about 4 months now. finding it hard to turn my head numbness in my hands and fingers and just some really bad pain in my neck that radiates into my shoulders and down my spine.
I got and MRI and was wondering if the finding here are normal just something that comes with age or do I have a serious problem..
I have yet to see my Dr. not for another 2 weeks. but the pain keeps getting worse I went and got a copy of the mri report.

It states.
1)  Very Mild degenerative changes are seen in the mid-lower cervical region. T2 vertebrae body shows high signal intense area suggestive of hemangioma.??what is this?

2)Cervical spinal cord appears normal.

3) The c4-c5 disc shows a very minimal posterior disc bulge. Small bony spur is noted on the right side causing the mild narrowing of the right neural foramen. Very minimal posterior disc "bulge is noted at c5-c6 and c6-c7 level.

I was just wondering if these findings were something that just come with age. I'm 45 or are they something adnormal that could be causing my pain..
Any answers would be appreciated.
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1.) A hemangioma is a primary, benign tumor most common in the thoracic and lumbar spine. Most don't cause any symptoms. Do you have localized pain at T2, it would be just below the C7-T1 bump at the bottom of your neck?

2.) Says everything's fine with your spinal cord.

3.) According to this, you have 3 very small disc bulges at C4-5, C5-6, and C6-7 and a small bone spur (arthritis) mildly narrowing the right neural foramen (at every level of the spine nerves exit through a small canal, this canal is the neural foramen.) Sometimes, if its large enough a disc herniation or bone spur can narrow the foramen, pinching the nerve which can cause a tremendous amount of pain.

Your MRI findings for the most part are age related and you don't have any real serious problems. Small disc bulges are normal. But the severe neck and shoulder pain is not. This pain you're having in your arm, shoulder and hand, is this on both sides of your body, is your neck pain on one side or both? Are you getting stabbing electric type pain, where exactly is the numbness, which fingers?
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I have numbness in my right hand down the side of my hand and pinky finger.. My whole neck hurts no matter witch way I move my head. but when I tilt it back it hurts really bad. The pain just radiates through out my shoulders and upper back. And the right side of my neck hurts the most.
I have hard time turning my head the right. I had P/T and it didn't seem to help made it worse really. If I tilt my really far to right like trying to put my ear on my shoulder , It hurts so bad trying to straighting it out I have to put my hand on the side of my head to help it back up.
The pain is cronic too it's always there but when moving or turning my head I get the sharp stabbing pains that makes me want to not move my head at all.
The most severe pain in my neck is on the right side and back of neck. but the numbness is mainly on the left.
Oh yes I been getting some pretty bad headaches to,, seem to hang around for a few days
Thanks for the response. .
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The findings in this MRI and not consistent with the severe pain you're having, sometimes they're not entirely accurate.  Hopefully your Doctor can sort it out. An EMG might be helpful, to figure out which level is causing the pain and numbness in your arm and hand. CT myelograms are good too, they can pick up a lot of things MRI miss.

Try to hang in there, I know what you're going through, I've been there myself. It'll get better.

Take Care
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Thanks for all your responses I really do appreciate all of your help .. I have one more question for you.. I have noticed but not to often only when my neck is really really flaring up. When I look down like trying to put my chin on my chest. I get a quick sharp pain in my lower back. I have had alot of lower back troubles. I just find it strange that looking down I can feel the pulling in my lower back with pain.
This neck pain is starting to get pretty unbearable too.I'm not to happy about getting my neck operated on but if it helps I'm willing to try it.
I have had the EMGs before the Dr i'm seeing now did one on me before so I'm pretty sure he'll do on on my neck too.
Again thanks for all your help..
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It could be that a nerve or your cord is being pinched a little when you look down like that, and acting like a trigger of sorts. Everything's connected in the spine, and it's not that uncommon. As long as it not constant.

I wanted to mention that MRI scan reading depends a lot on the training and ability of the Doctor reading them. I don't know what type of specialist you're seeing, but most of them look at the scans themselves and come up with their own conclusions, and don't generally go by the Radiologist's report.

Judging from your symptoms, I think this one must have missed something. Also, ask your Doctor about the hemangioma at T2, nine times out of ten it probably not causing any symptoms, but you want to make sure. I'm usually around here, if you have any other questions.

Take Care
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