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Orthopedic or Chiropractic?

Hi there,

I am getting neck pain oftenly. I got once in a month from the last 3 months.
I feel the pain first when I woke up and it continues for 3 or 4 days. I suspect that its related to bad posture while sleeping.

I am a software engineer by profession and I will sit before the system atleast 10 hrs a day.
I wanted to visit a specialist to find out whats going on with my neck. I am confused to whom should I consult. Should I visit orthopedic or chiropractic?

Please guide me!!
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Thank you Parrothead for your time to read my problem and provide your valuable suggestion.

Today I visited Chiropractic office and got examined. He said that its due to neck spasm. He investigated my pain using pressure points on my neck, adjusted my neck and suggested below things.

1) Epsom bath 10 minutes/ 2 times a day
2) Ice pack on neck 2 minutes on and 1 minute off for 15 minutes / 3 times a day.
3) Adjustment of my computer screen so that my neck wont get strain.
4) Use left hand for mouse movements at home (any how I will use right hand at office)

He asked me to have 3 more visits next week (Mon, Wed, Fri). I hope I will get rid of this pain.

Thanks for medhelp site.
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Read my post at cervical neck pain. I was in a similiar situation. The best relief that I have found has been with a chiropractor and using electrolisis and deep tissue massages. The ergonometics of your work station has a lot to do with this. More reports are happening with Computer ralated items. Go and see your MD and get a referal to a Osteopathic Surgeon and a Chiropractic.

Good Luck
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