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Please help, I am in pain all the time


I am a 30 year old female in a tremendous amount of pain. Not going to list all my symptoms as there are several.
I am currently waiting to see a neurosurgeon. We have long wait list times here.

My Doctor told me I need surgery without a doubt. She doesn't usually recommend surgery, so I know this is serious.

I cannot understand my MRI report, hoping someone can help me.

Here is the report:

There is a broad-based disc/osteophyte complex at C6-7.  Its is not as prominent as the level above.  The AP diameter of the central canal is reduced to 8.2 mm.  Disc material extends into the origin of the left C6-7 foramen.

There is a tiny disc protrusion a C7-T1 without cord compression and no compromise to the foramina.

No significant abnormality from T1-5

There is no cord edema and no syrinx.

No cervical subluxation and no compression deformity.

There is cervical spondylosis at multiple levels.  The most significant finding is at c5-6 where there is significant narrowing of the central canal.  The disc/osteophyte complex extends to the right and likely affect the exiting 6th nerve.  Mild cord compression is present at C5-6.

My doctor told me I have a compressed vertebra, pinched nerve and spinal cord is being restricted! The fact that my spinal cord is being effected scares me.

I also am wondering if there is anything else I can do to help get relief. I use ice/heat take Gabapentin 300mg 4 pills 4 times a day. I can hardly sleep at night, can't eat much and sometimes cry because I can't handle the pain.

What type of surgery is usually done for this?

Can anyone help? Any advice would be appreciated.
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Hi everyone,

I went and saw another GP and was surprised that he had a quicker connection than my family doctor for pain blocker injections. I was given one in my Cervical spine about 10 days ago, that was my first pain blocker ever. I have not noticed an improvement, which sure does make me sad.

I will go back again next week and have another area treated (my L-spine) in hopes that it will work.

I have seen a neurosurgeon this month and he said he won't operate on me.  I am going to get another opinion in a few months (on wait list). I have been given an appointment for a neurologist also since I last posted a message. I have had new symptoms and have had my prescriptions altered many times. I am currently on too many to list but just to name one -Morphine.

Have my appointment for the pain clinic coming up in a few months.
I sure am tired of all this waiting. I have changed my family doctor. I have gone to emergency twice in the new year because the pain was so severe. I waited and waited and didn't get to see a doctor until 7.5-8.5 hours later. Our health care system is free here yes, however there are harsh wait times for everything (including major heart surgeries). Even if you notice something is wrong early on you will most likely die while waiting for care, unless money in unlimited and one can pay top dollar.

I feel like I am grabbing hold of the reins and seeking all options that are out there, unfortunately it's still not enough . My relationship is now seriously strained, not sure it will last much longer. :( It's times like this when you find out who really loves you and will stand by you through the good and bad. For some reason my bf is not remembering the good times we had before my injury.

I am stressed and very sad. If anyone has any advice or positive sayings to share please do. I need a pick me up. I am also grieving my mothers death which happened this past October.

I am experiencing panic attacks/anxiety, days I struggle to get out of bed, and hours of the inability to stop crying, etc.It also has a lot to do with me now approaching the age of 31 and I have nothing going for me. All my friends are married/ getting married and having babies/has kids.

I certainly wish things were different.
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oh and I am on a 12 month wait for pain management clinic. :(
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I am on a 12 month wait list to see a physiatrist and a 9 month wait list to see a neurosurgeon. Life pretty much ***** right now, I am in so much pain. Physio, Chiro, Massage and Acupuncture have not worked for me. The doctor was me to have steroid injections. But of course I have a 1 year wait to see the specialist that does that. I have got several opinions on my MRI results and all 4 doctors have different opinions.
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Hi Blond51
Have you been to a neurologist or neurosurgeon about
your problems? My problems are and were on my left
side on both of my fusion surgeries.I was left with
severe pain still on left side with nerve damage and
vocal cord paralysis which all make life a bit tougher.
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Hi..  I am blondy51, and, I am new to this site and forum.  I have been suffering from neck pain now for over 3 months.  I have had physical therapy, and, they have said, nothing more can be done for me there.  I have also had an MRI done, and, it showed disc degeneration at c-4 and c-5, and, a possible disc protrusion.   I have been in a lot of pain, mainly on my left side, that radiates up the back of my head.  Sometimes it feels like a pulling sensation, on my left side, and, a ripping sensation too, in the back of my head, especially on my left side.   It appears to get worse when I am in a standing positon.   But, hurts nomatter what position I am in.   I have great difficulty moving my head side to side , not as much up and down..   My movement has been very restricted and the pain and snapping, cracking noises, irritating at best.   I have pain, also, when my nect snaps and cracks, most of the time.    I am intersted if your condition is now painfree, or maybe at least not as much pain..    Hope to hear back...   Thanks..  blondy51
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Hello richmill1
When you say you got your life back,are you pain free!
I am fused from C3-C7 and I want to know your
story if you will share it with us.I'm to the point of
a spinal cord stimulator implant now and I'm hearing
very mixed reviews about it.
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sounds like you will need acdf surgery....your wait is too long.  Find a  Physiatrist with a connection to an estblished neurosurgeon.  You will likely have to go through the routine of injections, emg test, meylogram...but it is up to you to make your urgency known.
I am sure you have pain in your arms/hands...how can you put a price on an extra 6 months of misery...maybe your current family md can get you in sooner.
I have had c5-7 fused and got my life back.  Good luck
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Why do you have such a long wait?
I don't think I could have made it that
long.Keep us updated on your journey
we are all here for you.You need to
join us on The Pain Couch forum.
Cracker Jack is the moderator and she
does a really nice job.Comfort is a nice
Feeling and you will find it when you join us.
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I am on a wait list for:
9-12 months for the pain clinic
12 months for a Physiatrist
12 months for a Neurosurgeon

I am very angry and upset.
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MZ33 again
I have been in pain management a couple of
years.I have been lucky and really like my doctor.
It's very easy to to talk to people there with the same
sorts of problems and easy to figure out who does
not belong there!At least with my doc the way the
drug screens are set up,you see a lot of the same people on
next visit and the ones you wonder about you just
dont see them again!
I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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It has been 5 months since my injury. I am not one to jump into surgery. However, I am in so much pain I am feeling like I am ready for whatever it takes. I can't stand the pain anymore. My pain level is becoming intolerable.
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Thank you for your comment.
So far one doctor told me I won't need surgery. The other doctor being my family docto told me surgery is going to be necessary without a doubt. I have a appointment to see a Neurosurgeon on October 3rd. My doctor has asked the surgeon to see me more urgently. I am waiting to see if my appointment gets bumped up. The reason for this is because of this latest MRI report. I also have two disc bulges in my lumbar spine. My pain never goes away. I have been referred to a pain management clinic. I hope it helps.

Has anyone tried pain management before?
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I also have had 2 different cervical fusions 06 & 08.
My first one went pretty well but my second has been a
nightmare.Get more than one opinion and use a
Neurosurgeon.The first and most important thing to
remember is that there is no guarantee that the surgery
will relieve your pain!Good luck and don't rush surgery.
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Thank you so much for your response. I am scared to have a fusion.
How long ago did you have this surgery? Have you had any problems at all?
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I had this same issue only I had herniation with full cord contact it affected my reflexes and caused numbness of hands and my leg. They performed a cervical fusion which was not a bad surgery I was back at work in a week ( had a desk job so this may vary) . The only thing that helped my pain as due to my age they waited a year to do the surgery was a soft cervical collar that was worn several hours a day check with the neuro first but it help me more than any medication! Good Luck
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Oh and I also have 2 disc bulges in my lumbar spine
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