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Please help me understand my MRI results!!

I just got the results back from my MRI and I'm not seeing the orthopedic doctor until Nov 19th.  Can someone please explain the following to me:

Alignment of the lumbar spine in the sagittal plane is normal. Disc
degeneration is present at L4-L5 and L5-S1 and there is discogenic
change seen involving the abutting endplates at L5-S1.

The conus tip terminates at the level of L1 and is normal in signal

There are no significant abnormalities seen from mid body T12 to mid
body L4.

L4-L5: Right posterior paramedian disc protrusion, disc material
slightly indenting the right ventral thecal sac but without evidence
of limiting central canal stenosis or displacement of exiting nerve
roots. There is mild left facet osteoarthropathy at this level.

L5-S1: There is evidence of previous left-sided laminotomy. There is
no evidence of disc protrusion or extrusion at this level. There is
mild bilateral facet osteoarthropathy. There is no evidence of
limiting central or lateral recess stenosis.

I wish these things were easer to understand.
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Hi there!

The report describes mild-moderate intervertebral disc herniation with degenerative changes at L4/L5 and L5/S1 causing the disc at L4/L5 to lie close to the covering of the spinal cord. There are also changes observed suggesting a previous laminotomy surgery.
Hope this information helps.

Take care!
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OOPS, here is the rest of it.


1. Disc degeneration at L4-L5 and L5-S1 with discogenic change noted
involving the abutting endplates at L5-S1.
2. Right posterior paramedian disc protrusion at L4-L5, disc material
slightly indenting the right ventral thecal sac but without evidence
of nerve root displacement.
3. Status post left L5-S1 laminotomy. No evidence of residual or
recurrent disc protrusion or extrusion at this level.
4. Mild left L4-L5 and bilateral L5-S1 facet osteoarthropathy.
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