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Plz help

My mother (Sunita Sarkar) age of 55 fron west bengal India, having problems from last 1 year that she can't able to walk, can't able to cooking, can't able to stand more than 5 mints. She has a lots of pain in her right leg.so dengerous pain. Many doctors are suggested their medicine but they are all filure to decreses the pain, she only gets comfort when she is sitting or lying. but she has never sleep due to pain... many doctor says its arthrities many says its from nurve we are so confused.. so plz help my mother by giving a right way to cure..

my mother tooks these below mention medicine but not cure.

old dr. prescribe last 6 mnts

1. pantocid
2. minipress xL
3. pregabid me 75
4. amlodac 5
5. d-shine 60k
6. collaflex powder
7. paracitamol 600 for extrem pain

new dr. prescribe.last 4 days

1.ctd 12.5
2. fabucas 40
3. cilodoc 100
4. evion 400
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Nice post -- thanks.
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Sorry I only  know about the paracetamol medication that your mother is on.

The very painful leg that your mother has can be from bone problems and nerve problems at the same time.

You do not say if your mother has had an xray of her lower back, hip, knee and the whole leg.

An xray would show if she has degeneration of the bones in the lower spine and also in the knee joints.

Rheumatoid arthritis is detected by a blood test and shows up a lot of inflammation markers in the blood - this is how rheumatoid arthritis is detected.  This is a autoimmune disorder and affects the internal organs as well as the joints.

The pains can be the same with osteoarthritis, but blood tests will not show inflammation, even though a joint or joints are inflamed.

Osteoarthritis is degeneration in the bones through wear and tear or from injuries.  In osteoarthritis there are changes in the bones and the cartilage shrinks and then bone can knock on bone causing more wear and damage.

In your mother's case, she should get an xray done to find out the cause of the leg pain.  Leg pain like you describe that your mother has can be referred pain from damage and bone changes in the lower spine.  If the sciatic nerve is aggravated (this is in the region of the lower spine) she will experience pain in her butt and it can run down the length of the whole leg, usually the pain is felt at the back of the leg.

Referred pain from damage in the lower spine can cause leg pain as well as pins and needles in the feet.  If your mother has bad knee joints with or without an osteophyte (a soft bony growth - this is your body trying to repair itself) this can cause pain that radiates at the front of the leg.

Take your mother back to the doctor and ask for xrays to be done like I have suggested above.  Ask the doctor to refer your mother for physiotherapy.  If she gets offered to go for hydrotherapy, then encourage her to go.  The water is not very deep, it is very warm and the physiotherapist gives specific exercises to be done in the water so that the person does not lose mobility.  The physiotherapist  will also give specific exercises for your mother to do at home.   The therapist will also either give your mother a walking stick to use or give her advice on the type of walking stick to get so that she can get support when she walks around the house.

Get your mother a perching stool for the kitchen so that she does not have to stand for long.  She can still peel vegetables when she is sitting down, even in the living room.  When she sits, get her to elevate her leg and put a cushion under the heel.  The physiotherapist will give your mother all this information and more, specific to your mother's requirements.

She may also benefit from having bath rails and toilet rails to help her get up.

There are lots of exercises she can do even if she cannot move her leg and the therapist will be able to give your mother advise on that.  

If you do have a pain management department in your country, ask your doctor to refer your mother to them too.

If your mother is very overweight, it will help her to lose some weight.
Get your mother to eat a healthy and well balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables with lean meat and fish.  Cut out or cut down on all sugary, processed and junk foods.  Cook more healthily with as little oil as possible.  Boil, steam, grill or roast foods instead.  Use olive oil or a little coconut oil.
She still can have a small surgary treat now and then, but not every day.
Health snacks are a piece of fruit, and handful of grapes, celery with peanut butter if she likes that.  You can find more information on that on the web.

Best to eat small portion meals and have a healthy snack in between.

Ensure too that she has plenty of fluids and especially water.  2 litres a day is usually recommend, but more if there is a lot of sweat.  

As your mother is not able to move about much or go for walks, you need to be very careful for her not to put more weight on.  

Be also aware that lots of medications and with her not moving about much, that can also cause constipation.  If she gets a problem with that, then do tell the doctor - he can prescribe stool softening medications that are mixed with water and then it is drunk.  She may need more than one glass of the solution a day, you would need to follow the doctor's advice and also follow the directions on the packet.

Make an appointment for your mother to see her doctor and request them to send her for xrays of her back, hip and knee, get her referred for physiotherapy and hydrotherapy (if you have that) and a specialist pain management consultant.

Best wishes.
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I have no way of knowing what your mother's problem is, but if doctors are saying that she has arthritis and nerve problems, then perhaps she has spine disease.

The arthritis of which they speak is osteo-arthritis, not rheumatiod arthritis which deforms joints in hands, arms, and legs.

Osteoarthritis of the spine can cause bone spurs that put pressure on nerve roots causing pain, numbness, and other sensation. Arthritic facet joints of the back can be very painful.

Treatments include physiotherapy, injections, pain medication, and surgery in cases of severe spine disease.

Please write your questions and take with you on your visit to her doctor. Ask for explanation of exactly what is going on with your mother's illness. Ask them to take out a model of the human spine to show you how the nerve root may be under pressure, or how the facet joints of the spine work to allow motion of the back. Ask them to explain how these can become painful with osteoarthritis.

Then ask for a treatment plan -- how do they intend to treat your mother?

Best wishes
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