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Question Regarding Diagnosis

I was given an x-ray on my cervical spine.  The diagnosis was "There is mild levoscoliotic deformity of the cervical spine. Degenerative changes are evident at C5-6 level with dimunution of the disk space, endplate sclerosis and osteophyte formation. Lateral osteophytes are seen encroaching upon neuroforamina bilaterally at this level."

What does "mild levoscoliotic deformity of the cervical spine" mean?
What is endplate sclerosis and osteophyte formation?
What does "lateral osteophytes are seen encroaching upon neuroforamina bilaterally" mean in common English?

In the final report they set apart a section entitled IMPRESSION: and this is what it said:
"Degenerative changes at C5-6 level with lateral osteophytes seen encroaching upon neuroforamina bilaterally."

What does this mean?
Specifically, what does the words neruoforamina bilaterally mean?

What would help this situation?

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It also sounds like you have bone spures. There are more therapies out now. Try seeing a pain specialist. They will be able to find a combination of therapies that can allow you to lead as close to a normal and productive life as possible.
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hi i had osteophyte of C5 and C6 i had a microdysecrory not sure that spelt correctly i haad spacers put between my discs and a cage made up around my spine as they were compressing the nerves causing me loss of use of my left arm also terrible pins and needles for which i took gabapentin they work very very well the operation itsself is a huge risk but the other risk is you will end up paralysed from the neck down so its the 2 evils unfortunatly what they didnt say is that the dics have aged anyway and they are wearing away so i am now im more pain 3yrs on taking high dose class A medication and all sorts of pills for other side effects like the pins and needles back also vertigo and still the weakenss of the left arm unfortunatly i have just been back to the spinal clinic and its a case of they can do nothing to help as the are only spinal surgeons the discs are beyond them as they can not take them out and put new ones in so its a case of put up with the pain keep the file open for when i need to go back so be prepared to have a lot of pain in the future as there is nothing they can do once they have done the spacers to keep your discs in place its the wearing away process that is the main problem
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sounds like you have a stenosis to the nerves that radiate from the spine to your shoulder/arm/hand
pressing on the nerve...numbness/tingle??? see the MD..maybe an epidural would help..
I have a similar problem
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