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I am 15 years old and got slipped disc recently, i need some advices and suggestions for slipped disc treatment!! i need help now!! THANKS FOR COMMENTING!!
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I am 15 and in October 2012 i had a serious horse-riding accident which caused a L4/5 disc prolapse.I have had chronic back pain ever since.I have been having osteopathy .Last year i had an attack of sciatica so bad that i had to be admitted to A&E .I couldn't walk for a day.In 2013 i went to see my GP about my pain to see about having an MRI scan.She told me that she couldn't book me one as NHS rules state that GPs ca't book MRI scans without sending a letter to a consultant ,who on deciding whether i needed on or not ,marked it down as routine even though my GP had requested an urgent scan.In the end my parents had to pay out £200 for a private scan.
After a referral letter , from my GP ,i was referred to a pediatric consultant who examined me and then organised a blood test and a MRI scan.The results of the blood test were normal and the scan showed the same as the private one .[L4/5 prolapse] She then referred me[in 2014] to a specialist at the Royal London Hospital who would ***** e further and decide on treatment.
When I went to this appointment, the consultant examined my movement and then told me that the i would need to be referred to a specialist pediatric spinal surgeon who would decide treatment options with me.Later on that month, i received a letter which had an appointment for physio and stated that my 'condition' was lifelong .A s the appointment is for May ,i haven't been to see the surgeon yet, but recently , i have started to have urinary incontinence and this weekend i had a severe sciatic attack again ,but this time i was sofa bound for the weekend and needed a cane to help me walk the next week.
Pain killers have no effect on me and the only ting which gives me temporary relief[3 days at most!!!] is acupuncture for which i am seeing a osteopath 2 twice a month for treatment.
Do i need surgery? i am becoming tired of waiting and having to live with this as i cannot participate in the sports that previous to the accident i enjoyed.I cant run and i have limited movement in my back.
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hey i am 17 years old and ive had back pain for 3 years now, after going through the NHS or chiropractors and many physio's one of them finally ordered a MRI after an X-ray showed nothing, it showed i had 3 slipped discs and one is pinching a root nerve. im in the process of seing a back surgeon to see which surgeory is the best for me. what i would say is go to a physio cause even though it didnt work for me it could for you, or i brought this book called 'treat your own back' by a guy called Mckenzie, it gives you exercises specially for people suffering with slipped discs. hope i helped a little
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When you say slipped do you mean herniated or bulging? Did you have an MRI confirm this? If not then I would make sure to confirm it first as many things can cause a great deal of back pain. If it has in fact been confirmed then work with your doctor on a proper treatment. Sometimes therapy can do the trick. In the mean time if you back is hurting a bunch I might try some over the counter Aleve and ice or heat to tolerance. Good luck.
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