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Scoliosis in a 14 year old diagnosed by Chiro.

My 14 year old nephew has been diagnosed as having Scoliosis by a Chiropractor.  This Chiropractor has stated that his condition is "severe and will take a long time to heal".  

After googling Scoliosis it seems to me that this is something that will simply not just heal on it's own and if in fact he does have scoliosis why is he having pain?

He is a Gold Medal winner in fencing and although he is only 14 he has won the gold medal beating men in their 20's on a regular basis.  This problem is affecting his ability to fence and this has us very worried.  He is incredibly competitive and second place just doesn't cut it for him so he puts a lot of work and concentration into his sport.

I feel that this young boy should be seen by a general practitioner and also referred to a back specialist before accepting this diagnosis from the Chiropractor.  While I do have respect for these professionals I believe that being checked by a liscensed practitioner would be an important thing to ensure my nephew's health.  He had to drop out of a competition last weekend due to his back "bothering" him and this is very frustrating for him.  

I also discovered that a full neurological examination should be performed on someone his age if he indeed does have scoliosis.  

I would appreciate any input regarding this subject as I want to ensure my nephew receives the care he needs to ensure a good quality of life in the future.  


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Thank you so much for responding to my post...I will discuss this with my brother on Sunday and let you know what our course of action will be.  I love my nephew to death and can't stand seeing anything like this happening to him.

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A diagnosis of scoliosis can be made with any abnormal curvature of the spine.  The degree of curvature and the age of the individual have a considerable part in determining the appropriate treatment.
You are obviously a very caring aunt and I agree with your assessment that he should be evaluated by an orthopedic spine specialist to determine the extent of his problems.
Pain is very subjective, but the fact remains that any abnormality of the spine will also cause changes in muscle activity in trying to compensate for the unnatural curvature.
It might be necessary to have a complete neurological evaluation, but generally the orthopedic specialist would be able to determine if such a consult is indicated at this time.
I have no disregard for chiropractic care and find that it can be beneficial for many individuals, but given the young age of your nephew and his athletic prowess, the orthopedist would be my recommended avenue of treatment.
Post with an update and give your nephew all the best!
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