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Severe lower lumbar injury with chiropractic spinal manipulation?

I had an injury at work from picking up a large binder off of the floor. I had a sharp pain in my left lower lumbar. ( I work as a Medical Assistant for a chiropractor.) I advised one of the chiropractors of what had happened and he suggested I let him do a manual manipulation to "fixed" the issue. He did the sideways method, it didn't feel good at all. He said to wait an hour then repeat after applying I've for 15 minutes. The second "adjustment" hurt even more. He then said after lunch we will try it again. So, after lunch I went through the 3rd adjustment and he was so forceful to get it to pop, I saw stars. I started to cry and he said to take ibuprofen and go home. By the next morning my whole lower back hurt so bad I couldn't sleep and it was completely bruised. I went to my dr. They took x-rays and said I had a nonunion of the transverse process of L1 but it was likely old because the edges were not ridid. I also had a partial lumbarization  of the L5-S1 which I was born with. They said with that I should have never gotten an adjustment ever. They did an MRI and I had 3 bulging discs and some narrowing present. It's been 10 months and I'm still in pain. I've had steroid shots, physical therapy,  and now am just on pain meds. Workman's comp stopped paying for medical care because the think I should have healed and the binder I picked up would not do this kind of damage. The ortho surgeon thinks my disk is now ruptured but I have not gotten another MRI since I would have to pay for it. I have not been successful in finding out what really happened to me. Any advice or information would be appreciated. I am at the point where I might have to quit my job because of the pain. I only work part-time and that is really hard of me. Could the adjustment done this much damage? The insurance Dr seems to think I was born with all these issues even though I've never had bad back pain. That all this happened over time. (10 months?) I would appreciate any feedback!
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Hello~I am so sorry you are having so much pain. I have been seeing a chiropractor my entire life but never have had any bad experiences, except maybe once, he, too, was too forceful and it took a while to heal. Other than that, I have nothing but praise for them. It seems to me he was too rough with you, he should only have adjusted you once in that area and then let it be for at least a week, he should have had you put an ice pack on the area to help reduce the swelling. I certainly wouldn't go back to him. When you can afford it, I would also ask your GP for another MRI.
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Thank you so much for your response. I agree, he was way too rough. I have not had another adjustment since that day. I'm too afraid. Lol  I think I just might go get another MRI. It's still hurting so bad. Again, thank you!
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