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Sporadic upper back/arm pain

Hi there,

So for a couple of weeks now I've been getting sporatic pains in various places in my body (shoulders, back, arms and sometimes in the legs). I lost my job working in a dog kennels back in March (on my feet 8-9 hours a day) when Covid started and have since done nothing but spend 8-11 hours either sitting at a PC or lying down in bed with little to no exercise and a very poor diet.

I've got a blood test coming up this week, but I suffer from severe anxiety and I keep thinking this is going to be something like cancer and it completely terrifies me :(
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Hm well, could this be from inactivity?  It sounds like a definite factor as that is what is new.  Can you begin to look for another job?  There are absolutely places hiring all over.  How old are you?   Do you have any chest pain or shortness of breath?  Heart related issues can involve an arm and upper back in intermittent pain. More likely, something like a pinched nerve would be the culprit. Do see your doctor.
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I'm 28, I don't have any shortness of breath, i do however get some random stinging pains in my ribs. All my bloods came back clear bar my iron and folate levels which were slightly low. 10 weeks on and I'm still at the same position as I was back in August. The pain hasn't gotten worse or more frequent.

Got more bloods to be taken on Monday for Rheumatoid Arthritis which he says is unlikely to be the cause.

Being a health anxiety sufferer makes this whole thing 100 times worse.
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