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Upper Back Pain

I am a 28 yr old female that has been suffering from back pain for 15 years. I have been seen by many chiropractors and I regularly get adjusted.  I have poor posture and I have been really trying to improve it. My back always feels tight and nothing seems to help. I do yoga, pilates and I swim- nothing helps. I make slight movements and my back cracks. Most of the time it's my mid back that cracks- never my upper. About one month ago I had someone give me a big hug which caused my upper back to crack but I also heard something that I can describe the sound of a tear. Since then I have had terrible pain.  There is an area between the bottom of my left shoulder blade and spinal cord that hurts really bad. It seems to be swollen.  The Chiropractor said to ice my back, he continued to adjust my back which just put me in much more pain.  I went to my medical doctor and he said it was a tight muscle.  He gave me muscle relaxers but they only help for one hour or so.  Does anyone know what this might be?  I have been doing some reading and it sounds like a pinched nerve; but who can I go to that can confirm this or give me a diagnosis?
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The history of back pain for 15 yrs is troubling in a young person. Poor posture alone would not result in such a lengthy and problematic course of treatment.
You did not mention what diagnostic tests have been done, such as x-rays or MRIs.
All of your exercise programs such as yoga and swimming would normally produce more lasting results.
If no one has done any tests, it would be best to request further investigation by your primary care doctor and hopefully a referral to an orthopedic spine specialist.
I hope you are able to find a physician who is willing to perform the appropriate diagnostic tests.
Best wishes ----
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I hope your problem is resolved by now. I just read your post and it sounds so much like what I have been experiencing for about 8 years now. I am a very active 58 y/o male. In about 2003 I was running a marathon and started having upper back pain , just as you described, in that very spot. Long story short...I have a herniated disc @ T-7. This is very unusual from what I understand. It is very painful, every day painful. I am under pain management and it helps some. I have had several rounds of physical therapy to no avail. Have had "nerve burns" and other things with just slight relief. They say surgery is not really an option. Too risky Taking pain meds for about the last 3 years but it is just a temporary solution to a long term problem.....If you find any answers please let me know. Thanks
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