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Upper Back

I am in desperate need of some help/guidance. I have been dealing with constant upper back pain (mainly between shoulder blades) since May 5th.I am a 25 year old male and I went snowboarding for the first time in my life on March 30th. For the month of April, I was not very active. I work out regularly with weight and running but I did not do much. I was sore for the 1st week after snowboarding but it subsisded fairly quickly.

On May 3rd I particpated in a work chairty event where I was very active. I played basketball, dodgeball and did a very strenuous tug of war. The next day mu upper back was extremely tight and achy. I went to a chiropractor the following week and my condition became worse. After several visits and 2 massages, I begged my chiro to prescribe me an mri. I had an mri done on my cervical spine which showed a small herniation and straightening of my "normal cervical lordosis"
I went to a prominent ortho. surgeon in NYC and he told me I have nothing to worry about and that I was experiencing muscle spasms. Muscle relaxants and nsaid's were not helping and he prescribved me 6 weeks of Phys. Therapy. I have finished my PT and I feel no different. It has gotten to the point that I can't sit in the same spot for longer than 20 minutes before my back begins to kill me. I went to a Physiatrist and he told me my neck and the mri had nothing to do with my symptoms and that I had muscle strains in my upper back. He reco'd massage and acupuncture and if I wanted, Tigger Point Injections. I went for acuppuncture for the 2nd time yesterday and I feel no difference.

After 3 months, I am beginning to lose hope and I am shutting down. My relationship with my girlfriend has ended. I am uncomfortable 100 % of my days and I am not the same person anymore. I work at a computer all day and deal with children and it has gotten tough for me to be positive and do my job well. This has affected all aspects of my life. I do not know what to do anymore. I don't know if I have a disc problem in my upper back, which is supposedly pretty rare. I have read about Fibromyalgia but it doesnt sound exactly like me because I am not often tired and my pain is just in my upper back, nowhere else. The only thing that I have read about that makes sense is "Myofascial Pain Syndrome". I want this constant discomfort to go away or at least get better.

I am truly beginning to think that this is going to be a lifetime issue and it is scaring me very much. I will give acupuncture and massage a try but I am just not confident in them. The trigger point injections sounds promising but I can't believe that a 25 year old guy would need to get injections for simple muslce spasms. I truly thought I would be better by now.
Please, any help or advice is appreciated. I just want my life back.
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Hi mate I just read your case and I hope that my situation helps you. About 2 years ago I ended up in a similar situation, I had t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e lower back pain which didn't let me sit down for more than 30 minutes without feeling the whole area burning and prompting me to stand up right away. It was truly unbearable. I went to a physio and he did some ultrasound, acupuncture and recommended relaxation for a couple of weeks. He also prescribe exercises, which I did to a T and in about 2 weeks the pain had nearly gone. Right now I am free of pain from that area, can sit normally again for hours (not recommended to overdo it btw, as it strains muscles and gets you weak) and have resumed my normal life. Check lots of info online and offline, and try to find some really good therapist, someone who is genuine and *directly specialised in your problem*, not just a "good physio" who may not be so well acquainted with your particular case. Best of luck
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We know your pain.  I wonder why they didn't do an MRI on your back?  Anyways, you are so young to have this problem.  You do work at a computer and they say that the muscles in your upper back get too weak from hunching over.  You may want to look at that.  Also, I know how it screws up your whole life.  Keep going to doctors until you find someone who will help.  Good Luck
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