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Why is my lower back numb?

I have a long history of injuries from competitive sports and martial arts, but over the past few months a numbness has settled into the right side of my lower back, around the bottom of my ribcage. At first it only happened when I did the dishes/hunched over to do a repetitive task, but now I wake up with it, it happens while I'm sitting in a chair, it happens when I walk for more than 5 minutes. The last time anyone looked at my back I was 18 and I was told that my pelvis was off center and my lower spine was twisted about 15 degrees. I can answer any questions about other injuries, but I don't know what is relevant to this current predicament. Thank you so much for your time if you read this.
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Hi there.  I'm a little late seeing this.  Sorry!  So, your lower back was numb?  How is it now?  Generally, often if you would use the word numb or tingling to describe what is going on, it's related to a pinched nerve which is not uncommon in the lower back. Stretching can really help.  It can release whatever compressed nerve you have.  Shifting positions and noting if there is a particular posture that causes this or makes it better, and then adjusting accordingly is good too.
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