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about to give up :(

Hi everyone, I'm 28 and have been living with neck and back pain for five years now after being in a car wreck I got hit from behind sitting still at 55mph. I hit my head on the steering wheel than the side panel of the door. Afterwords I had seizures. I have been to several doctors and neurologists nothing so far. Been told "here take some these meds take pain meds an go lay down.' 'Deal with it'. I get migraines that are so debilitating I cant function I vomit and the pain is so intense I cant handle it I just want to be put out of my misery. About a month ago my left thumb went numb and I got so scared the doctor than took and MIR and found out that C5 C6 C7 in my neck are bulging and said its not that bad but I'm in pain every day my head hurts and my back spasms almost all the time unless I take a muscle spasm meds and pain meds for my head because Advil and Tylenol wont help they just keep adding more meds to they ones I'm taking and I'm tired of it i just want to wake up and not hurt. I try ice and heat and not I'm just waiting to see a pain management doctor. In just tired of not being able to function and I'm going to lose my job if they don't get my headaches under control  
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Sorry to hear you are in so much pain.

If I were you I would take the MRI images to a different doctor to see what he says. Having a bulging discs are almost as as bad as herniated discs and can be excruciating.

Although it applies to a different vertebra is an Atlas Correction. I was suffering from immense neck pains, I felt like I couldn't live any longer, and that simple one-time treatment has helped me tremendously. You may want to have a look here:


There are many things that can be done, even though it is hard it would be too early to give up.

Best of luck.
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Have u thought about alternative treatment such as a chiropractor? U may find more answers there than with western medicine:)
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