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compression fractures and ruptured discs

I have had 3 compression fractures in my thoraxic spine (T10. 11, and 12) and were fixed with Kyphoplasty.  In my Lumbar spine, i have had 4 compression fractures that were old and never fixed.  I guess I didn't realize they were broken.  Now I also have 3 ruptured discs in the Lumbar area, and 2 more in my Cervical spine.  Is there anything that they can do other than fuse them all? I do not want to be stiff, but now with a spinal stenosis tag on me, I am having a lot of pain.  They just doubled my pain meds, and so I sleep all the time.  the MRI tech tells me my back looks like a train wreck, and couldn't believe I walked in there.  I have seen some of these new gadgets that take the place of a fusion.  The trials I have seen for most of them, I fit right into with the problems I have.  Does anyone know much about these? like stepX or something like that... I am not sure if I should believe the hype that they put out on the internet, and would be much more comfortable hearing from people about it.... Really I want to volunteer for the first trial on spinal replacement, but I dont think we are there yet lol.  I also wonder if they are doing any stem cell stuff on spines and discs...
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I have been trying to find places that are working on different approaches.  My bone density appears to be good when they run a bone density test, but then I hear comments about my "soft bones".  I have 4 crushed vertebra in my lumbar spine that are old compression fractures and they say there is nothing that can be done about them.  The 3 discs between them are ruptured now.  I have gotten copies of my MRI on the 3 parts of my back, to send to someone if I can find a place that is working on learning new techniques.  The one fusion I had down was 22 years ago and that was not an as last resort back then.  it was what they did.  Recently the neurosurgeon I went to said that was what he can do and I refused.  now they are trying epidural steroid shots (No not from NECC) lol, but so far in my Lumbar spine, it has not really helped a lot.  Cervical spine is next for that one.  I asked him about a Lamenectomy, which seems preferable to me over a fusion, but then I started finding out about disc replacement.  In my cervical spine, the vertebra are in good shape but the ruptured discs (2 of them there) are causing cervical spinal stenosis.  

LOL THAT was why the joking comment about I wanted to volunteer for the first total spine replacement trial lol.
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Hi there!

Though this would require a surgical approach, the type of surgery best suited would depend on the precise clinical details such as the type of herniation, severity of degeneration, situation after previous surgeries etc. While fusion is often the last resort, relative conservative surgeries may not be possible in all cases. I would suggest seeking a second opinion from another orthopedician, preferably at a university/ teaching hospital for a detailed evaluation and suggestion of an appropriate management plan.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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