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please help me understand what my mri means. is it what I think it is? broken, spinal fluid leakage and cancer! here are my results.
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but appears to result in no cord deformity or canal narrowing.but and appears is a huge (Im not to sure). well i guess "again " everyone has there answer to what their or have gone through. I have more med issues but dont need to get into that due to lack of information that i need so I can breath. I know and my drs know what i have. it cant be fixed AND thats that. have a great day. good day
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I dont feel that anyone is belittling my situation. My neck was broken for 4 yrs and not 1 mri showed that.when they opened me up they got more then they expected.  I know my body enough to know when something does not feel right. My dr told me that (if you read every thing) that we have to take other measures to control my pain P.pump. Im not one that asks for pain meds due to sever reactions to them.

I have had about around 20 cervical injections
massage therapy.
PT up until January of this yr and not during recovery.
aqua therapy
trigger point injections
manipulation while under
i can keep going but ill have to pull out my files.

thats the one thing I cant get. everyone just seem to think that the drs word is gold. Im here to say...ya okay. I wouldnt have spinal cord dmg if they would have taken the time to do what most dont do anymore "care" just enough to their job. unless you have suffered sever cronic pain. we just dont know. Im in pain 24/7 and I hate my life. Id give anything to be pain free. anything.
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I don't see anywhere in there where it says cancer or carcinoma...so I was just curious as to who told you that it is cancer...if you ramble through the mumble jumble that most of us don't understand...it sounds like you have multiple level protrusions or bulges of multiple discs...but nowhere in there I could read that you were broken...had spinal leakage...or cancer...have you had an appt with your MD who ordered the MRI and spoke with them about the results...I agree with the above comment of degenerative case due to natural aging possibly...if you haven't seen your MD yet for his inpression then you could just be getting yourself worked up and if you have had an appt I say get a 2nd opinion...take care and hope all works out for you....

My comments are not a substitute for medical advice and are only related to MY personal experiences
Anterior Cervical Fusion at C6-7 w/ACDR at C5-6 (4/18/11)
2 Cervical Injections (11/10 & 2/11)
Multiple PT therapies (4/10-10/10)
Multiple Med therapies (12/09-4/11)

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I don't mean to belittle your problem, to me it doesn't sound so bad if read the last paragraph, cutting through some of the jargon which most of us don't understand anyway.

1. Multilevel degenerative disc disease and disc protrusions affect the mid and upper thoracic spine
as described above, without evidence of neural compromise.
2. There is no evidence of central spinal stenosis or cord compression.

Perhaps more of a mild degenerative case due to natural aging? I'm sorry if that doesn't give you much comfort right now. Try a little swimming.

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February 23, 2011

HISTORY: Radiculopathy.
TECHNIQUE: Sagittal T2 and STIR sequences were performed through the thoracic spine.
Additional images were not performed as the patient was unable to tolerate further imaging.

FINDINGS: Vertebral body heights and static alignment are normal.
Multilevel degenerative Schmorl\T\apos;s nodes are noted. There is minimal mid thoracic spine
degenerative disc space narrowing, the disc spaces are otherwise maintained. There is a
paracentral disc protrusion, possibly at the T5-6 level, which indents the ventral thecal
sac but appears to result in no cord deformity or canal narrowing. Notably, the exact level of this
disc protrusion is indeterminate given inability to localize with axial images.

Minimal central disc protrusions at the possible T6-7, T7-8 and T8-9 levels are also present,
which indent the ventral thecal sac but result in no apparent cord deformities or significant canal narrowing.
The remaining disc spaces appear unremarkable without protrusion. The cord signal appears normal throughout.

The sagittal STIR sequence is limited by motion artifact. No marrow signal abnormality identified.
1. Limited thoracic spine MR given incomplete imaging, see details in technique.
2. There are multilevel thoracic spine small disc protrusions, which appear to result in no
central canal narrowing or cord deformities, however, evaluation of these discs, as well as the
exact levels of the discs is limited given lack of additional axial imaging. The patient should return
for dedicated axial imaging as needed for further evaluation.

12-Apr-2011 00:00
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April 12, 2011


MD Imaging


HISTORY: Back pain.

TECHNIQUE: Sagittal T1, sagittal T2, sagittal STIR, and axial T2 sequences were performed.

COMPARISON: Incomplete MRI of the thoracic spine dated 02/23/11.

FINDINGS: Sagittal acquisitions of the thoracic spine reveal anatomic alignment of the vertebral
bodies. Multilevel loss in disc height affects predominantly the mid thoracic region.
The vertebral marrow signal characteristics and body heights are preserved.

Multilevel disc protrusions are seen on the order of 2-3 mm affecting predominantly
the mid and upper thoracic regions. A circumferential CSF collar surrounds the cord throughout.
The medullary signal characteristics are homogeneous. The midline AP canal dimensions measure
greater than 10 mm. The neural foramina are patent.

1. Multilevel degenerative disc disease and disc protrusions affect the mid and upper thoracic spine
as described above, without evidence of neural compromise.
2. There is no evidence of central spinal stenosis or cord compression.

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