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lower back and leg pain excruciating pain.

My mom who is 91 years old fell a few weeks ago on her back in the kitchen.  We went to the emergency room and they took some x-rays and she has a few cracks in her ribs (not exactly fractures but cracks)... She now has excruciating pain getting into bed and getting out of bed and the pain feels like stabbing, drawing, and poking with a knife.  The pain goes down her legs and thighs... If she sits and does not move then it is okay.... Please advise. my e-mail is ***@****
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thank you. .Today I took my mom for a CT scan of the lumbosacral spine.  Will keep you in the loop... Thanks again.
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I am sorry to hear of  your mother's painful accident.  Falls at any age are difficult but are potentially more traumatic to the elderly.  It is good news that no fractures were identified on x-ray examination.
The bad news is that cracked ribs can be just as painful as any fracture and the pain can present as evidenced by your mother's current symptoms.
Recovery can be slow, but usually does not produce major complications.  It is important for your mother to continue activity as tolerated to reduce the risk of developing any potential circulation problems which could result in blood clots.
While in bed she can exercise her legs with movement, but walking as tolerated is encouraged.
The major concern regarding an injury of this type is difficulty breathing.  Should she develop any respiratory difficulty it would require further medical evaluation on an emergent basis.
Otherwise, comfort measures to reduce pain and inflammation related to the injury should be utilized.  The fall could also have caused contusion to her back and may have resulted in some muscle spasms which are limiting her ability to move freely.  With time her symptoms should resolve without major complications.
Post with an update and any additional questions/concerns you may have.
Best wishes -----
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