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mri report... trying to find out what my options are

My MRI states the following : L2-3: mild facet joint disease. Moderate broad-based disc bulge. Superimposed mild dis protrusion in left paracentral region. The disc bulge is more than before and disc protrusion is new.Left neural foramen is moderately stenotic; the right is patent. The left neural foraminal stenosis is new since prior MRI.

L3-4: Mild to moderate facet joint disease.Mild broad- based disc bulge. Central canal and neuralforamina are patent.

L4-5 moderate to severe facet joint disease. Moderate degenerative disc disease. mild to moderate broad based posterior disc osteophyte complex. superimposed central annular disc tear with mild disc protrusion versus high signal in the posterior superior endplate of L4. As the apperance is stable, it is thought to most likely represent an annular disc tear. The finding is stable when compared to the patient's previous exam. Central canal is patent. There is mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis. There is mild impression on the bilateral descending L5 nerve roots in the lateral recesses.
L5-S1: Moderate facet joint disease. there is a mild broad-based posterior disc bulge. Left neural foraminal and left paracentral annular disc tears are present with minimal associated disc bulge. the apppearance at this level is stable. Central canal is patent. the left neural foramen is moderately stenotic. The right is patent.

My doctor is sending me to a neurosurgeon. I have been to 3 other neurosurgeons in the past several years. All other 3 surgeons have just mentioned a back fusion. I want to know if there is any other options that I may have besides the back fusion because that scares me to death. Please help me!!!!!!
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I am 3 wks post op today from a Anterior Cervical Fusion and Artificial Disc placement done at the same time same surgery...Artificial at C5-6 and Fusion at C6-7...You'd be amazed at how you wake up in LESS pain...I do have pain still but I'M WAY EARLY in my recovery...I am able to funtion WAY better 3 wks out then I was the 14 months I was injured!!!  It's amazing...not everything is back to the way it was but I am optimistic in my recovery!!!  Take care!!!!!!!

My comments are not a substitute for medical advice and are only related to MY personal experiences
Anterior Cervical Fusion at C6-7 w/ACDR at C5-6 (4/18/11)
2 Cervical Injections (11/10 & 2/11)
Multiple PT therapies (4/10-10/10)
Multiple Med therapies (12/09-4/11)

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I do not know a lot about fusions but I do know about discectomies. I herniated S1-L3. I wish now that I had done the fusion. I re-herniated S1 and L 4-5 and because of the damage in my back ( scar tissue, bone spurs ect) they do not want to operate to fix it now. I was not given a good outcome if they do. I think trimming the disk off increases the chance of problems and that is probably why they want you to have the fusion done. I have talked to several people that have had fusions and they still have pain but they are able to function better on a day to day basis than I can. I have to be super careful or I could end up in a chair. I also know they will not put in artificial disk when you have multiple disk protrusions.  Here is a link that may help http://back-surgery.com/. Hope you get the help you need.
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