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please help me understand

had a lumbar MRI and Xray....can anyone tell me what they mean?
MRI>>>findings:there is a significant levoscoliosis deformity centered at the L4-L5 level

1.there is evidence of disc degeneration and loss of disc height predominatlyinvolving the L4-L5 disc.
2.L4-L5: there is asymmetric disc bulge to left which contacting the exiting left L4 nerve root.
3.L5-S1 there is a broad-based diffuse disc bulge as well as some facet hypertrophy causing mild to moderate narrowing of the left and mild narrowing of the right neural foramen.
Impression:Significant scoliotic deformityat the L4-L5 level as described above.
Asymmetric disc bulge to the left at the L4-L5 which may be contacting the exiting left L-4 nerve root. Please correlate with left L4 radiculopathy.

Diffuse disc bulge at the L5-S1 level causing mild to moderate narrowing of the neural foramina bilaterally.

X-ray>>>examination of the lumbosacral spine in multiple projections showed considerable deformity of the L-4 and hemivertebra at the level of L4 is noted. There is also mild deformity of the body of the L5. Mild scoliosis is suspected in the lower lumbar spine with covexity toward the left. There is narrowing of the intervertebral space between L3-L4 and L4-L5. IUD is noted

My insurance doesnt cover Orthopedics so what should I do?
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First, get some advice from someone you trust on this insurance thing.  Something is not right here.  No medical insurance is BY County!  

Next Seek the advice of a real spine surgeon or specialist.  There are some great talented people out there now.  Here is one I recommend in Denver:  http://www.coloradospineinstitute.com/
Then look at the conditions portion:  http://www.coloradospineinstitute.com/subject.php?pn=conditions-index
Then the treatment section:  http://www.coloradospineinstitute.com/subject.php?pn=treatment-index

Dr. George Frey is an amazingly talented surgeon with a real personality and great bedside manner.  If nothing else, his site is full of great information.  This is where I had my back surgery done - could not be happier!  
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I have some of the same things you do except for the scoliosis.  Look up bulging disc online.  It has pictures and explanations.  I have two bulging discs in my neck which are putting pressure on the nerves causing pain.  Also, the neural foramen is where your nerves exit out of your spine.  You have narrowing of this area which puts pressure on the nerves and may have pain that radiates to other areas.

You shouldn't see an Osteo.  Go see a neurosurgeon.  Do not get a regular fusion using the old methods.  My mother's back is very messed up from that.  Make sure you find one that is up to date on all of the most current methods of treatment.  You need to be your own advocate and do research on your own.  It is better if you understand what the docs are talking about.  There are so many sites to read about spines.

Good luck to you.
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I have medicaid and there probaly are some orthos that cover it but not in my area. I can only use the insurance in my county witch is what I was told. Not sure if any neuros do I have to check. Also I now have pain in my upper back lower neck could this be because of the lower back prob? Or is that another possible bulging disc?
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I've never heard of insurance not covering orthopedics.  Even so... this is a neurological problem as you have disc disease at at least TWO levels (disc bulge impinging on the exiting nerves) probably more because of the mention of L3-4 and to correct the curvature.   Some surgeons that correct this are trained in orthopedic surgery, others neurosurgery.  I would not be held up by your insurance restriction.  You need some help if the pain is bad.  You probably need a two to three level fusion which is not a bad surgery.  Can be done today in a micro approach.  No need to live in pain.  Find the best surgeon you can - very experienced hands!!  
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