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sciatic pain lower back pain?

K so yesterday i musta done something, i lifted a barrel for my garden yeah it was heavy but i was fine, i later sat down for a break an when i got up i was screwed, since the moment i stood up ive had pain in my lower back down my legs, i cant begin to describe my pain, my dad takes pain killers for his back an i asked for one it took the edge off but i was still in pain so basically it didnt work! Im dieing over here i feel like im slowly being paralyzed from my lower back down i can barely walk.

So my question is should i go to the dr. Or the chiropractor?

My husband poped me a bit to try and help like i said im crying in pain but it didnt help. Im not sure what a dr. Or chiropractor can do for me.  An im poor so idk what to do anymore im sitting in a wheel chair trying not to move my back or my legs, i cant get a job like this ... :( :'( God help me!
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Sounds like a pinched Sciatic nerve and chiropractic is great for that. But, with pain that severe, you may want to go to the ER. First, they'll give you pain meds. Even if it's just a pinched nerve, being in that much pain causes the muscles to bunch & spasm which causes MORE pain. They will do X-Rays, possibly an MRI, and that's all good. If the hospital test come out negative, at least you'll know. They may refer an Orthopedist, but should also give you a 'script for pain meds.
If you're able to get on the floor, this may give some temporary relief....
Lie on your back, in front of the couch, with your butt against said couch & legs up on the couch, from knees to feet, kinda like a Z. This can take pressure off your low back & help relax muscles.
Lastly, ice, ice, baby. 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. NO heat. And if you decide to do chiropractic, try to get a reference from someone you know. Or Google 'Healthgrades'. It's a search-site for finding doctors. I've used it. Information includes the Drs.' info re: age, sex, educational & training history, board certification (by the AMA-American Medical Association), insurances accepted & reviews.
Hope you feel better! God bless.  
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You should get to the ER as soon as possible.  This will xray your back.

But by the sounds of things it does appear that you may have a slipped disc that is impinging on the sciatic nerve.

They can give you muscle relaxants, an pain relief injection and some pain relief tablets with instruction on how to take them.  Usually the medications are not taken at the same time, but staggered to keep the pain at pay.

Get a hot water bottle or heat pack to put to your back.  It this makes it worse, then use a cold compress.

Go to the ER urgently.
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